Regional science campaign bulletin and update


Your Staff Association has been campaigning to have regional site issues, raised by members, resolved. Meetings of staff at regional sites have been conducted and the issues collated. At present a review is being conducted by CSIRO and on the working group are regionally based Staff Association members that have a grasp of regional issues and are working to have these issues raised and addressed in the review.

 Regional Review thus far…

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The Regional Review’s working group, have met twice to work through the Terms of Reference. Reports from working group members and leader of the working group (Dan Walker) is that steady progress is being made and they are on track to have recommendations for the CSIRO Consultative Committee meeting in late November and a CSIRO Executive meeting in December.

Having your say…

Staff Association members on the working group include Alan Andersen (Darwin), Margaret Allan (Townsville), Evan Christen (Griffith) and Peter Hunt (Armidale). They are currently putting together material that will be fed into the review and intend to send this out to regional staff for them to have their say from October 13 – 21.

BBQs in December

In early December the Staff Association plans to hold BBQs at regional sites to discuss the progress the campaign has made and what we will need to do in order to ensure recommendations from the Regional Review are accepted and implemented in 2012. If you support this campaign to improve the working lives of staff in regional sites, and are not yet a Staff Association member, join the union! Fill out the membership form and hand to your workplace delegate, fax to 02 6220 9690, or scan and email to

Want to get involved or want more information?

If you want to get more involved, talk to your local workplace delegate, a member of the regional review team or contact Staff Association organiser Jeff Carig.