Congratulations to all CSIRO Award winners

And also to our two members who were appointed as CSIRO Fellows, Dr Richard Richards and Dr John Finnigan.

For their outstanding long-term contributions to leading-edge research in science or engineering the following scientists were appointed as CSIRO Fellows:

CSIRO Plant Industry’s Dr Richard Richards for pioneering an integrated approach to crop improvement based on sound scientific principles that have delivered new varieties of wheat to Australian industry. Dr Richards’ work provides the only global example to date of a new scientific discovery that has lead directly to the delivery of new crop varieties.

CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research scientist Dr John Finnigan for his contributions to the measurement and modelling of atmospheric flow over complex terrain. Dr Finnigan’s work has had a profound influence on the way the exchange of trace gases, energy and momentum between the atmosphere and land surfaces is modelled and measured. More recently he led the establishment of complex systems science and global integrated assessment modelling in CSIRO and Australia, which provides the capability to model and analyse problems associated with global climate change.

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