Bulletin – Property Services Grosvenor Review

GROSVENOR – Something to hide?

Management’s review into Property Services – conducted by Grosvenor Consulting – appears to have created more questions than it has answered. Despite repeated requests from the Staff Association, CSIRO management refuses to release the entire Grosvenor Report. This begs the obvious question: why all the secrecy?

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CSIRO management released an executive summary of the Grosvenor Report to staff last November. Since this limited release a number of concerns have been expressed by Staff Association members about the review and the future of Property Services. These include inadequate consultation, concerns about the outsourcing of data capture and information management systems and fears that site-based shared services such as switchboards, mailrooms, reception and stores could be sold off in the future.

Clearly, there’s a desire for more information and greater detail than an executive summary could ever hope to provide.
To allay the concerns of employees and in the interest of openness, the Staff Association asked management to release the Grosvenor Report in its entirety. Management refused this request, citing confidentiality concerns.  

Full report still under wraps

We did offer to meet management halfway, indicating that a redacted version of the report that did not refer to individuals would be acceptable. Management refused again, this time claiming that it would not be helpful to release the full report as it’s important that the organisation “moves forward” – a somewhat bemusing response given the report considers the future of Property Services. 

It’s no surprise that senior management’s lack of transparency has fuelled suspicion about the content of the report. This growing reluctance to release the reports of consultants is becoming a worrying trend within CSIRO – with reviews into Finance and AAHL Engineering Services also being kept under wraps.

Action Planning Workshops

Let’s give credit where it’s due. Property Services management is conducting facilitated workshops for staff in all zones next month to examine what Property Services should look like in the future. They have also committed to responding to ideas raised or put forward. It’s important that all Staff Association members participate, raise all issues of concern and seek to ensure these are addressed.

Time for an FOI request?

Several members have requested that the Staff Association seek a full copy of the Grosvenor Report via Freedom of Information legislation. Next week we’ll be asking all members in Property Services to vote on how we should proceed.

For more information on this issue, or to join the Staff Association, contact your local delegate, visit the website at www.cpsu-csiro.org.au or email csstaff@cpsu.org.au