Bulletin – CSIRO Staff Survey

Asking the big questions:
CSIRO to launch all staff survey

For the first time in five years, CSIRO will conduct an all staff survey. Management has stated that the survey results will be communicated transparently to staff at the conclusion of the process. On this basis your Staff Association encourages all CSIRO workers to participate in the survey.

What’s your experience?

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A consultancy firm, Towers Watson, has been commissioned to conduct the process of collecting staff views. The theme of the survey is: Working in CSIRO: What’s your experience?

The Staff Association has been briefed on the objectives of the survey which include enhancing CSIRO’s capacity to innovate, improving the consultation environment and promoting diversity and inclusion.

What you need to know

  •          The survey is currently 114 questions long and is anticipated to take up to 25 minutes to complete, during work time
  •          CSIRO requires at least a 60% response rate in order for reporting beyond the enterprise level to be reliable
  •          Individual survey responses are confidential and the results will be reported in aggregate 
  •          The survey process will be launched in the period 19-30 March
  •          CSIRO management have assured the Staff Association that all staff will be provided with the overall results and the specific results for their own functional area
  •          Management anticipate that the survey results will made available in August, later this year.

Have your say

Based on management’s commitment to communicating the results transparently, the Staff Association supports this survey and encourages all CSIRO workers to participate in the process. The results should provide some interesting insights into what’s working well and highlight areas where there’s room for improvement.

More information

For more information on the survey, email WorkingInCSIRO@csiro.au