Notification of dispute – Record Services

Under the dispute avoidance/resolution procedures contained at clause 87 of the CSIRO Enterprise Agreement 2011-2014 (the agreement) the CSIRO Staff Association (a section of the Community and Public Sector Union) hereby notifies CSIRO management of a dispute at Record Services.


CSIRO has undertaken a review of its Records Services function and determined that approximately seven officers are likely to become redundant. They have however stated that all twenty-eight operative staff across three classification levels (CSOF 2, 3 and 4) are potentially redundant and wish to move to a totally different organisational structure from 1 May 2012.

The CSIRO Staff Association believes CSIRO are acting inconsistently with the provisions of the following sections of Schedule 3 – Redeployment and Retrenchment of the Agreement. Specifically:

  • Clause 3(a). Consultation. CSIRO has not provided in writing the level, functional area or location of potentially redundant officers
  • Consequently options and measures to reduce the need for, and mitigate the impact of, redundancies have not been able to be fully explored – Clause 3 (b)
  • Officers have also not been notified of their right to request the involvement and assistance of a representative in accordance with clause 3 (c)
  • Clause 4 of the Redeployment and Redundancy process (Voluntary Redundancy Substitution) has not been completed prior to assessment of staff against organisational requirements – clause 5(b)
  • Clause 5(b) is also not being conducted correctly as staff are being assessed against future not current roles

In addition the CSIRO Staff Association believes CSIRO are acting inconsistently with clause 14 of the agreement – Work Classification Standards. Specifically:

  • The proposed classification of a number of positions in the new organisational structure in Records Services are not consistent with the Work Classification Standards which derive from the Classification Level Descriptors that appear in schedule 6 of the agreement

In accordance with Clause 87 c of the agreement the Staff Association requests a meeting with relevant management in order to try and resolve this dispute. The Staff Association notes that if this is unsuccessful the matter may be referred to Fair Work Australia.

More information

Contact Paul Girdler on (03) 8620 6348 or email


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