Support for Library Services


Support for Library Services

“Librarians save money for organisations they don’t waste it.”

Thanks to the hundreds of Staff Association members who completed our survey on Library Services.

Nearly fifty per cent of respondents said that they used library services more than five times times a year.

There were some interesting responses to the question on the impact of losing access to this service.

“Librarians are very important to research organisations, they source material, they manage complex licence agreements, they embrace technology, and enable access to content.

“Anyone who thinks a librarian is stuck in a library pulling books off a shelf needs to investigate the minefield of the publishing industry.

“Librarians save money for organisations they don’t waste it.”

“The CSIRO services that have been consolidated so far leave people frustrated due to poor systems that don’t fully meet requirements and which have slow if not non-existent support.

The Staff Association will take the results and findings the next Consultative Council meeting on 19 June.

CSIRO SE Queensland Councillor Anna Campbell (a librarian at QCAT) will be presenting the findings of the survey and raising these issues senior members of the CSIRO Executive.

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