Chief Clark checks out Library Services

Anna Campbell and Megan Clark

QCAT Librarian Anna Clark and CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Megan Clark.

So what’s it like to have the Chief Executive follow you around at work for a day? Not as scary as you might imagine, writes QCAT Librarian Anna Campbell.

I’LL ADMIT TO FEELING A FEW NERVES before Megan Clark arrived. After all, it’s not every day you get to host the boss for a day and share your job with her.

This unusual opportunity grew out of a discussion with Megan at the most recent meeting of CSIRO Consultative Council, which I attended with the Staff Association.

I was there to present the findings of a survey conducted by the Staff Association into Library Services. The results demonstrated the value researchers place on CSIRO libraries and their staff and revealed concerns about a proposal to reduce current support levels.

I had read an article in BRW which detailed Megan’s program whereby staff could shadow her. I suggested that a reverse shadowing program would be of value as well, and became the first participant in the scheme on the spot, when Megan proposed a visit to QCAT to spend a day ‘shadowing’ me to better understand the work and support librarians provide.

Less than three months later I found myself greeting an enthusiastic Chief Executive, ready for a day on the library front lines. So how did it go?

Read the full story in the Spring Edition of Wavelength


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