Management declares regional site strategy on track

CSIRO management are confident they are on track with the implementation of the regional sites review, claiming that draft site plans have been submitted to relevant executives for review.

The Regional Sites Working Group report was developed in response to a Staff Association campaign focusing on the importance of CSIRO’s regional footprint and the uncertainty faced by many sites in a tough resource environment.

Staff Association Organiser Jeff Carig welcomed management’s report but stressed the importance of verifying actual progress with regional site workers themselves.

“The question remains, has there been the sort of progress on the ground in regional sites that reflects what management are saying,” Mr Carig said.

“We’ll be seeking more detail on the practical implementation of regional site plans at the next Consultative Council meeting,” he said.

More information

Mr Carig said that the Staff Association was also seeking the views of regional employees directly on their opinion of the implementation of the Regional Sites Working Group’s recommendations.

“Included in the recommendations is the provision of an annual progress review – the first which is scheduled to occur in February 2013.

“The Staff Association will be visiting regional sites in December and early next year to test these management claims first-hand,” he said.

In the meantime, the union would continue to raise awareness of the importance of regional science by showcasing the contributions of individual regional sites, Mr Carig said.

“The purpose of our campaign is to maintain the vibrancy of our regional sites and secure their future – not only for the staff but the communities they serve.

“There are some important stories to tell about CSIRO’s regional contribution and the Staff Association is determined to tell them,” he said.

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Do you work in a regional site? Do you think the concerns of CSIRO staff in regional sites are being taken seriously?

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