CSIRO bullying inquiry a step in the right direction

Bullying and harassment The CSIRO Staff Association has cautiously welcomed news of an independent inquiry into former staff claims of bullying and harassment at Australia’s premier science agency. 

Staff Association Secretary Sam Popovski said that bullying is a serious issue and CSIRO is not immune from the problem. 

“We’ll wait to see the full detail about the independent inquiry – including the terms of reference and the people who will conduct it – before offering an informed opinion,” Mr Popovski said. 

“Any initiative that aims to resolve past claims of bullying by former staff is worthy of consideration,” he said. 

Mr Popovski said that the union would continue to focus on the needs of existing staff and providing support and representation to its members in the workplace. 

“We have a zero-tolerance policy to any behaviour that poses a risk to the physical and mental wellbeing of current CSIRO employees – that includes bullying and harassment,” Mr Popovski said. 

“The Staff Association – through our organisers and workplace delegates – regularly provide advice, support and representation to members across a range of workplace issues, including  bullying and harassment”

“We’ll continue to provide confidential support to members with individual grievances and seek to resolve their problems – while maintaining their privacy – and seek to ensure that proper investigation processes are followed and where allegations are proven those responsible are held accountable.”

Mr Popovski said that while there was plenty of room for improvement, the overwhelming majority of CSIRO employees were decent, courteous and treated each other with respect.

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