CSIRO bullying investigation to include current staff

The CSIRO Staff Association was yesterday informed of the terms of reference of the ‘Independent Investigation of Allegations of Workplace Bullying and Other Unreasonable Behaviour’. While we are still reviewing the details of the terms of reference, we welcome the capacity for current staff to make submissions to the investigation. The Staff Association Council will consult with delegates and members on making submission/s on behalf of members, or groups of members. We will offer support to all members who request advice and assistance in making individual submissions.

The Staff Association has repeatedly called on CSIRO to adopt a zero tolerance approach to any bullying or harassment behaviour that poses a risk to the wellbeing of current CSIRO staff. We are also educating members on their rights at work, including access to grievance, dispute and whistleblower procedures. While the investigation could lead to positive outcomes for some current and former staff, CSIRO still has a long way to go to improve its day-to-day treatment of staff to minimise psychological health risks in the workplace.

2 thoughts on “CSIRO bullying investigation to include current staff

  1. The key omission in this undertaking is that the CSIRO leadership have failed to make any commitment to act upon the findings, particularly where misconduct is determined, and irrespective of the level seniority of staff investigated.
    Unfortunately the investigation seems to be targeted the end point of the bullying rather than the culture that permits the bullying to thrive uncontested.


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