CSIRO libraries set to close

IM&T management have confirmed that Library Services staff numbers will be cut as CSIRO embarks on the latest phase of a long term plan to close all physical library facilities, in favour of collection warehousing at Black Mountain and increased use of online resources.

Rumours swirled late last month that Library Services staff were facing significant job cuts and immediate site closures, starting with CSIRO’s North Ryde library.

In a discussion with CSIRO Staff Association, IM&T General Manager David Toll confirmed that both jobs and facilities were in the firing line.

The libraries at North Ryde (NSW) and Clayton (Vic) are scheduled for closure by the end of this calendar year, with the exact date dependent on relocation of collections to Black Mountain (ACT).

While Mr Toll estimates that only six positions will be affected by the library closures – five based in Victoria, one in New South Wales – he said that the final number of redundancies will be determined by redeployment efforts and attrition.

Mr Toll said that management will support Library Services staff considering reallocation or redeployment within CSIRO – including potentially to other areas within IM&T.

Staff Association Councillor and CSIRO Librarian Anna Campbell said she was disappointed by the lack of communication to Library Services staff about this latest development.

“Staff deserved a full briefing from IM&T management once the rumours began flying three weeks ago,” Ms Campbell said.

“It took repeated efforts by the Staff Association – acting on behalf of members in Library Services – to induce management to confirm reports of cuts and closures.

“Library Services staff have experienced anxiety and uncertainly over their futures for a number of years now, and this appears unlikely to change.

“It’s a pity that management did not try to ease the tension in this latest instance by being upfront much earlier,” Ms Campbell said.

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3 thoughts on “CSIRO libraries set to close

  1. well said Anna, many of this group must feel like they are riding a wave of anxiety and stress as this process appears to be repeated over and over for support staff – not being in the areas of support that have been under attack ever since RSS I would just like to say we all appreciate what you do and know we can’t do our jobs without you!

  2. Yes, it irritated me that comments were made during a Senate Estimates Committee grilling of CSIRO corporate that some employees have mental health problems (i.e. not our fault, we are not experts …) but in fact mental health is undermined by the simple fact that relentless uncertainty CAUSES anxiety and this is CSIROs responsibility.

  3. So disappointed that CSIRO have chosen this well worn path in an attempt to save money.
    Maybe try a different calculation, this time adding in the lost working hours spent trying to find information & research – time that qualified librarians could save.
    If we cut these valuable resources now they will never be restored – can you imagine a day when an Executive Team invests in knowledge over profit?


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