Green light to cut red tape at CSIRO?

SAP frustrationManagement has finally responded to sustained criticism from CSIRO employees and the Staff Association over stifling administrative processes by creating a new reference group to improve internal systems and tools such as SAP and Effort Logging.

The new Enterprise Business Applications Reference Group (EBARG) – will be chaired by Chief Financial Officer Hazel Bennett and will be comprised with representatives from Divisions, Portfolios and Enterprise Services groups.

CSIRO said that the new group was being formed in response to widespread frustration concerning internal systems and processes, most recently identified in the Working in CSIRO staff survey conducted by Towers Watson.

More than a third of respondents said that to boost CSIRO’s capacity to innovate, operating efficiency need to be improved through creating simpler processes and by reducing the administrative burden on scientists.

The Staff Association has campaigned for several years to simplify internal processes – including effort logging and SAP – on behalf of members frustrated by the burden of CSIRO red tape.

“EBARG was formed in response to your feedback,” CSIRO management said in an email to staff announcing the creation of the reference group.

“You said you were overwhelmed by a ‘complex platform of systems which are not fully functional, lack integration, require duplication, create complexity and do not support their client interactions’.

“Specifically, you were concerned about the use of SAP throughout the Organisation,” CSIRO management said.

Management have promised that the reference group will operate in a consultative manner.

“EBARG will prioritise the development of new processes and systems by looking at the benefits of the change. It will also look at the impact on the Organisation by ensuring the teams responsible for change first consult with you.”

CSIRO management said that next few months will see EBARG approving the development of business cases for those initiatives deemed most important to CSIRO, with the first round of improvements due from July onward.

What do you think?

Have your say by posting a comment below. EBARG can be contacted directly by emailing 

1 thought on “Green light to cut red tape at CSIRO?

  1. I don’t believe EBARG will introduce a single measure to reduce the administrative burden on our scientists. I expect quite the reverse. Consider the proposed makeup of the group, and its description of purpose as quoted above. Consider also that it was announced in the Leaders Update newsletter in the very same issue that announced a new feature in SAP that will be mandatory for every application to “internal and external courses and domestic conferences “.

    I challenge EBARG to prove me wrong, in spades!


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