Redundancies in CSIRO: working to support and represent members.

Under budget pressures, the CSIRO Executive has made the decision to cut staffing numbers, with more than 200 staff likely to become potentially redundant. The Staff Association is working at all levels to:

  1. minimise the number of involuntary redundancies; 
  2. ensure that voluntary redundancy substitution and redeployment processes occur;
    1. enforce consultation provisions and entitlements contained in the CSIRO Enterprise Agreement (EA);
  3. scrutinise potential savings, just as CSIRO’s contractor and consultant expenses; and
  4. ensure all members are treated fairly and respectfully.

Download the PDF of this bulletin for printing and displaying in your workplace.

What do we know about the potential redundancy numbers across CSIRO?

Briefings with the majority of Divisional Chiefs and HR at this stage have provided the following information on potential FTE job loss numbers. Note the numbers are approximate, subject to change and may be reduced through mitigation processes such as redeployment. Where areas of CSIRO are not specified below, further information and confirmation will be sought by the Staff Association.

CMAR          50: 25 redundancies and 25 term employment cessation/other attrition.

CPSE           up to 35.

CESRE        10 – 20.         

CES             30: 15 redundancies and 15 term employment cessation/other attrition.

CMSE          30 – 35.

PI                  4 – 7.

CET              6 – 9.

CAFHS        45 – 50.

CLW             40-45: up to half this number may be term employment cessation/other attrition.

CASS           minimal impact, apart from Tidbinbilla site.

CMIS/ICT     up to 5.

Property       up to 6.

Finance        10 – 15, with creation of 11 new CSOF 2s in a new declassified structure.

What are the upcoming consultation and redeployment and redundancy processes?

The next stage is that each Division/Business Unit will conduct further consultation with staff and provide detailed written information to the Staff Association, including the anticipated number of staff affected and their level, functional area and location (Parts 2-4 of Schedule 3 of the EA). To date, this has only occurred in Plant Industry, Energy Technology and Animal, Food and Health Sciences. Options and measures to reduce the need for, and mitigate the impacts of, redundancies are then fully explored, including a formal checkpoint of all possible voluntary redundancy substitutions across CSIRO to identify close skill matches with affected staff. Only then does the process proceed to identify and formally advise individually impacted staff of potential redundancy (Parts 5- 6 of Schedule 3 of the EA). The Staff Association is actively enforcing these processes across all of CSIRO in order to support and minimise stress and anxiety for staff.

How can the Staff Association help at the workplace level? 

Staff Association workplace delegates and organisers will directly support members throughout the redeployment and redundancy processes. As well as providing information and advice, we will gather feedback and advocate for groups and individual members. Critically, we will seek to represent all members in meetings held with managers and HR. If your workplace delegate or organiser is unavailable to attend a meeting, either change the meeting time so they can participate, or ask a Staff Association colleague to attend with you. It is essential that members do not attend any meetings alone.

Know Your Rights and the Enterprise Agreement

The Staff Association has a comprehensive set of Know Your Rights facts sheets available to union members. Fact sheets on Consultation, Redeployment and Retrenchment/Redundancy have been provided to members. Further copies can be obtained from Staff Association workplace delegates and organisers. In addition, we strongly recommend that all affected members read Schedule 3 of the EA in full and contact the Staff Association if you have any questions.

What if affected individuals are not Staff Association members?

The Staff Association is only able to provide support and representation on behalf of members. If you know of affected individuals who are not Staff Association members, then they must join for us to be able to provide advice and further assistance. The membership form can be handed to a Staff Association delegate or organiser, or through fax to 03 8620 6347 or scan and email to


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