Campaign to protect site support at Waite scores early victory

waite campus 300w sharpA determined campaign to protect the job of the site support engineer at Adelaide’s Waite campus – led by local Staff Association delegates – has won an early victory.

After a strong demonstration of support for site engineer Toney Hirnyk – including dozens of petition signatures and written testimonials – management have suspended the redundancy process while undertaking a review of the position over the next six months.

In an email to the Staff Association, CLW Chief Paul Bertsch wrote:

“We have received considerable feedback from staff, including a petition signed by 76 Officers. This feedback signals strong support for the retention of this role and has highlighted potential impact to science delivery if we were move forward with our plan to remove it.

“We are planning to suspend any further action with respect to this potential reduction for a period of six months to enable us to work with other Divisions… to identify a workable solution with respect to this position.”

The Staff Association campaign sent a strong message in defence of on-site research support and the role it plays in achieving innovation outcomes that are efficient and cost effective.

Staff Association Section Councillor Sonia Grocke said the campaign demonstrated the value of union membership.

“This union campaign to protect support services at Waite really demonstrates why Staff Association membership is so important.

“I’d strongly encourage all staff who signed the petition – but who have yet to join the union – to take the next step and join the Staff Association, today.

“It would send a powerful message to management that CSIRO staff are united and deserve to be respected in the workplace,” she said.

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