Can we repair the matrix?

CSIRO’s much maligned Matrix management system is currently under review.

Following advocacy by the Staff Association and outcomes from the Pearce bullying investigation, the CSIRO Board and Executive has now formally committed to reviewing the matrix and organising arrangements in CSIRO.

After receiving extensive member feedback, the Staff Association highlighted this issue at the CSIRO Consultative Council meeting in June.

CEO Megan Clark immediately provided in-principle support for a review and committed to working with the Staff Association.

On Friday 30 August, Staff Association representatives met with Deputy CEO Craig Roy to consider the parameters for the Organising Arrangements Review.

Of immediate importance to members is ensuring:

  • Genuine consultation with staff;
  • Support for a collective science culture;
  • A greater say in science direction and planning;
  • Removal of power imbalances
  • Reduction in administrative burden for scientists;
  • Adequate provision of research support
  • Greater transparency with allocations and workloads; and
  • Broader access to career pathways.

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1 thought on “Can we repair the matrix?

  1. In the 20 years I have been with CSIRO we have never had an organisational operating system that fostered a culture aimed at realising the best creative, innovative science that our staff had to offer. The matrix is only the latest iteration. Why? I am at a loss, other than to say that high-level science leadership is in very short supply in CSIRO and has been for some time.


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