Matrix Review – where to from here?

matrix smith 300pxThe Staff Association’s Matrix review report has been discussed at Consultative Council and senior management have accepted that organising arrangements at CSIRO need to change. So what happens next?

Based on the responses of more than one thousand employees, the Staff Association report painted a grim picture of organising arrangements at CSIRO.

The report has been circulated to the CSIRO Board and discussed in detail at the recent Consultative Committee meeting.

Senior management accepted the central recommendation of the Staff Association report – that the current Matrix management system needs to be removed and replaced with a better system of organisation.

However the Staff Association remains concerned that management are failing to adequately consult CSIRO staff regarding possible options to replace the Matrix.

“It is clear to the Staff Association that the future organising arrangements of CSIRO is a matter of the highest importance to staff, as well as a matter impacting on the way work will be performed at CSIRO in the near future,” the union wrote in an email to senior management.

“We urge CSIRO to consult with staff as a matter of urgency, not only because valuable input and feedback will be derived, but also in order to build trust and integrity with staff in devising and implementing potential alternative organising arrangements.”

The Staff Association expects that beyond the current process to review and replace current organising arrangements at CSIRO, the issue is likely to feature during the next round of Enterprise Bargaining.

Bargaining survey out now 

CSIRO employees are encouraged to complete the Staff Association’s bargaining survey, which will form the basis of the union’s priorities for upcoming agreement negotiations.


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