Unanswered questions, uncertain future

Despite significant press coverage, the size and scope of the projected job losses among CSIRO term and casual employees – and why the hiring freeze was instituted – remains unclear.

The Staff Association has written to Chief Executive Dr Megan Clark seeking answers.

  • Read the letter from the Staff Association to Dr Clark here.

“The situation remains quite murky and we’ve formally requested clarification from management across a range of issues,” Staff Association Secretary Sam Popovski said.

“For instance, we still don’t know how long management intend to keep this recruitment freeze in place. Aside from the uncertainty this creates for term and casual staff, it also makes it very difficult to predict how many staff may be affected.”

Mr Popovski also urged management to provide more information on the likely impact of the job cuts.

“Which areas of research will be impacted and how? Which CSIRO site locations will be impacted and how?”

The motivation for the cuts – whether solely a decision of CSIRO Executive or part of a wider Federal Government public sector staffing freeze – also remains unclear.

“Why are these staffing restrictions being applied at CSIRO when it seems clear from advice issued by the Australian Public Service Commission (APSC) that a recruitment freeze is only intended to apply to the Australian Public Service?” Mr Popovski said.

“What is Dr Clark’s response to statements made by the Prime Minister and Minister for Industry, indicating that it is CSIRO management – not the Federal Government –  that has sole authority on decisions on job cuts at CSIRO?”

Mr Popovski said that the Staff Association had written to Dr Clark as a matter of urgency and requested a response by the end of the week.

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2 thoughts on “Unanswered questions, uncertain future

  1. Hi Sam, I’m glad you’ve put these questions – I don’t understand the rationale for the recruitment freeze in light of the advice that it was only intended to apply to the APS. Without the Staff Association, I would have no idea how to seek clarification, so I’m glad to be a member. DL

  2. An obvious question that has not been asked in this letter but which should have been: The statement on the APS recruitment freeze from Eric Abetz said that the freeze did not apply to “specialist positions”. Given that almost all positions in CSIRO are specialist, why has the freeze been implemented across the board in CSIRO ?


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