Staff left in the dark over Matrix review

Management’s review into the Matrix – also known as the Organising Arrangements Review – continues, despite concerns that the vast majority of CSIRO employees remain uninformed and disengaged from the process.

The Staff Association has raised repeated concerns that a narrow consultation process – involving a select working group – is failing to deliver an inclusive or transparent review process.

Recent correspondence from management indicates that the Executive Team is currently considering draft findings from the review team. However, reluctance from management to begin a process providing more detailed information to CSIRO employees, poses a stumbling block.

“The Staff Association is willing to meet once we are provided with written documentation detailing the potential options being considered by CSIRO management to replace the current structure,” the Staff Association said in an email to management.

“We also require a commitment from CSIRO management that this documentation can be provided to all Staff Association members, so we are in a position to derive feedback and genuinely represent their views.”

New Matrix report

In response, the Staff Association has released more detail from the union’s Matrix Review survey, which involved the participation of more than one thousand CSIRO employees.

The latest report canvasses a ranges of objectives for change and improvement to organising arrangements, based on a qualitative analysis the thousands of comments made by CSIRO staff who completed the survey.

Read the latest report here.

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2 thoughts on “Staff left in the dark over Matrix review

    • The Staff Association is aware of some Staff Consultative Committees in CSIRO. Their existence, nature and scope vary from Division to Division. Consultative meetings are referenced at clauses 57 (Staff Participation and Consultation) and 60 (Facilities for representatives) of the Enterprise Agreement. In practice, the more effective Staff Consultative Committees occur where staff representatives are active and skilled. Perhaps unsurprisingly, committees such as the CAFHS Consultative Committee which contains a majority of trained Staff Association Workplace Delegates appear to work most effectively.

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