Time to vote on our bargaining position

The current Enterprise Agreement – which sets out pay and conditions at CSIRO – nominally expires on 16 August 2014.

To begin process towards a new agreement, the first step has been to receive input from Staff Association members, and based on that information, develop a bargaining position for members to vote on.

Our proposed bargaining position is now available.

Your input from the bargaining survey and from membership meetings

Some key themes arose from our bargaining survey and membership meetings conducted over the last two months. These included:

  • A strong view that it is important to maintain current conditions;
  • Concerns about job security;
  • Unhappiness that consultation is often not occurring prior to key decisions being made;
  • Concerns about unreasonable workloads;
  • Improving access to work based childcare;
  • Strong support for member’s right to representation and union delegates accessing the necessary time and facilities to represent members;
  • A pay rise that at least keeps up with the real cost of living; and
  • Concerns that the number of Executive managers is too high and that in the current environment, very high Executive salaries and performance bonuses are unsustainable.

How the proposed bargaining position has been developed

All of the results from the survey, the feedback from members meetings, input from the Staff Association Council, individual submissions from delegates/members and information collected during the application of the current agreement, were all used to develop the proposed bargaining position. The bargaining position has now been endorsed by the Staff Association Council for your consideration and vote.

How the membership vote works

All Staff Association members will be emailed a link to an electronic vote, accompanied by details of the proposed bargaining position and a copy of this bulletin.

It is important that all members vote. The vote closes at 6pm AEDST on Friday 13 December.

The next step

Upon endorsement by a majority of members that vote, the Staff Association will lodge our bargaining position with CEO Megan Clark and formally request that bargaining negotiations commence no later than mid-February 2014.

11 thoughts on “Time to vote on our bargaining position

  1. I support the bargaining position and would like to note two other points (sorry for the lateness)
    1. Efficiency measures – a committment to incorporating staff input to improve productivity in the organisation. This could be a really positive way to make working easier and improve performance.
    2. Better management of under performance. Clarify the process so that staff who are not competent are properly assessed before being made permanent as opposed to a default and then stress for all involved.

  2. I cannot see that adding ‘back pay if not signed prior to 17 Aug’ as anything other than a red rag. I think it has been a very clear position for many years now that back pay will NOT happen. I believe adding something to the agreement that simply will not be accepted and we know won’t be accepted is only going to promote delays. There are ohter methods of remuneration in the event of delays that would better suit the cause than asking for back pay.

  3. I support most of the items in the bargaining position.
    I don’t understand the issue with 5 yearly performance reviews for CSOF 7 and above. Everyone should be accountable and especially so our senior staff.
    If there is a need for ‘domestic violence leave’, what about other crimes, natural disasters and so on. Surely there is a need to accommodate all unforseen and unfortunate circumstances.

    • I agree, Ryan. Specifically in regard to ‘domestic violence leave’. This is a gender specific leave. I know male staff are eligible, however realistically this is designed to support female staff. If this is allowed what will be in the next EBA to counter it as we have seen with Parenting leave being introduced to counter the gender specific ‘maternity leave’. I don’t mind this new leave being included, I just hope it doesn’t stall negotiations if CSIRO management disagree.

      • I have my doubts as to whether someone suffering ‘domestic violence’ would want time off identified as such?

  4. I always find it difficult to vote on the bargaining agreements as I support some of the positions but other positions I am totally opposed too. Why can’t we vote on individual bargaining positions, as this would give an indication on what issues are really important to the majority of members.

      • I guess that is what the site sessions were about prior to this going out. Giving staff an opportunity to prioritise issues. I agree there are some things more important to methan other things, but I guess everyone has different priorities and if we were to vote on each point we may never get to a stage where this could be agreed upon. I think when everyone votes in agreeement to the bargaining position is saying we agree more than disagree with it, not that we totally agree.

  5. Very much not in favour of providing Health Care and Education expenses funding for Non Australian citizens, that actually discriminates against Australian citizens recruited by CSIRO who are on the same wages and facing the same cost of living expenses. I also agree that voting on each item is a more valid way of providing feedback on what are employee critical negotiation areas. I like others don’t think all of the positions to be negotiated are warranted and provide CSIRO the opportunity to stall negotiations over.

  6. I agree with most of the Bargaining position.
    However, I was confused that Domestic Violence leave is a new type of leave to be included.
    Has there been a request by our members for this type of leave?
    Is this something that other organizations are receiving?
    How many days would be allowed?
    what proof needed?
    This is a difficult issue.
    What do other staff think?


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