Silence envelops matrix review

Despite repeated attempts by the Staff Association to persuade CSIRO management to consult over the options under consideration in the Organisational Arrangements Review, secrecy is winning out over transparency.

At a meeting in late October, CSIRO management promised to provide information about the organisational structure options being considered.

However, despite repeated attempts by the Staff Association to encourage management to consult widely and provide information to staff, little detail has been forthcoming.

“The Staff Association is willing to meet once we are provided with written documentation detailing the potential options being considered by CSIRO management to replace the current structure,” the Staff Association said in an email to management.

“We also require a commitment from CSIRO management that this documentation can be provided to all Staff Association members, so we are in a position to derive feedback and genuinely represent their views.”

Staff Association Lead Organiser Paul Girdler described the situation as frustrating.

“It’s been three weeks since management assured us that a response to the Staff Association’s position would be made – and the silence is deafening.”

“Our understanding is that the OAR process has  progressed and the Board has debated the issue for the second straight meeting.”

“It’s disappointing that management are keeping staff and their representatives in the dark, especially given the level of concern and interest in the issue,” Mr Girdler said.

A Staff Association survey into the matrix attracted over a thousand responses.

The results helped form the basis of two substantial documents produced by the union – a survey report that highlighted the experiences of employees and an option paper that canvassed options for change.

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