CSIRO restructure gathers pace, confirmation that 300 jobs may be lost

Management have confirmed that almost 300 jobs – mainly support and management roles – are set to be cut under CSIRO’s new structure.

The Staff Association is strongly opposed to these latest job cuts. Members will be provided with advice and support. The Staff Association has experience in protecting jobs and minimising involuntary redundancies.

Where will the jobs be lost?

Management have provided information to the Staff Association on the locations they expect will bear the brunt of the cuts.

More than seventy positions in Canberra could be potentially redundant. Nearly sixty roles may go from Melbourne, with potentially an additional twenty gone from regional Victoria. Up to 53 jobs in Brisbane may be surplus to requirements. 31 positions in Hobart are also under threat.

Sydney are forecast to shed up to 27 jobs, seven may be cut from Newcastle and perhaps nine from the rest of New South Wales. In the west, 26 Perth jobs are may be impacted.

Administrative Services roles are most affected, with 163 identified as potentially redundant. Some 106 Research Management positions could go. 29 Research Scientists may lose their jobs.

More information

What about cuts to funding?

Management have stated that these latest cuts to staffing are the result of anticipated budgets for the coming financial year and are based on estimates predicting rising costs and shrinking external earnings.

They further claim that the changes to Communications and Business Development & Commercialisation (BD& C) would have occurred irrespective of restructure.

Some media reports are predicting that the Federal Government’s Commission of Audit has recommended a funding cut to CSIRO of between $75-100 million.

When asked, CSIRO management said that they did not have any information on the federal budget.

Restructure process

Management are confident that the restructure is occurring an appropriate pace, and report that issues and concerns raised are within the predicted range of expectations.

The Staff Association relayed the concerns received from members that the process is rushed and the implementation team are under resourced.

What’s your experience?

Do you agree that the restructure process is running smoothly? What’s your view on the pace of change and emerging timeframes?

Members are asked to provide their opinion and experience by emailing csstaff@cpsu.org.au or by posting a comment below.

Updated timeframes

Management estimate that mapping of programs to flagships will be completed by the end of the week.

The indication of interest stage for Communications and BD&C staff is scheduled for 29 April. Please note: an earlier version of this update incorrectly listed this date as 19 May.

Management have acknowledged that the timeline for Executive Assistant / Personal Assistant (EA/PA) positions has been pushed back due to feedback, including that of the Staff Association. The indication of interest date for EA/PA roles is now set for 19 May.

Research Directors

Management have provided the Staff Association with more detail on Research Director or Phase Two management positions. View the chart here.

Research Director positions will be five year term promotions rather than permanent, ongoing positions. Management claim this will ensure greater flexibility and career options for staff.

Staff with current term promotion at level 8 will be able to indicate interest in Research Director positions.

Seeking answers

The Staff Association has requested more information on the process for Human Resources staff, Project Support Officers, and workers in Finance and Education. Management agreed to provide detail on these areas shortly.

Assistance for members

The Staff Association is committed to protecting jobs at CSIRO and assisting members in the workplace.

Management and Staff Association representatives are continuing to meet on a weekly basis as the implementation of the new structure unfolds. Members are invited to email their questions and concerns to csstaff@cpsu.org.au.

Staff Association members have access to individual advice and support to ensure their rights are protected, including the proper application of consultation, redeployment and redundancy procedures.

Join today

If you’re not yet a member, join the Staff Association today.

For more information about membership, email csstaff@cpsu.org.au, call (03) 8620 6348 or speak to your local Staff Association delegate.


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