Clark confirms budget cuts will bite deep

Staff Association concerns that any federal budget funding cut would result in more job losses have been confirmed by CSIRO management.

In an email to CSIRO staff, Chief Executive Dr Megan Clark has outlined some detail of the funding cuts, the areas of research that will be affected and the grim news that hundreds more jobs will be lost. 

Dr Clark has indicated that more detail the areas of research that are affected would be provided in this year’s Annual Direction Statement, due for release on Friday.

More information 

  • Read the email from Megan Clark here.
  • Cuts to CSIRO are short-sighted and destructive – Media release

Have your say

Are you working in areas of research likely to be impacted by these latest cuts? Or do you have an opinion on the future of CSIRO if these measures are implemented? 

Join the debate by posting a comment below or by contacting the Staff Association by email.

2 thoughts on “Clark confirms budget cuts will bite deep

  1. How come when Holden and Ford announced all the jobs being cut made the nightly news and newspapers and yet we never here the numbers we are subjected to anywhere that will make it to the public forums?

    • It’s probably a play on the myth that all Australians are either Ford or Holden people. They like to play on the feelings of nostalgia associated with those cars. If you ask most people what noteworthy things that the CSIRO has done for Australians, and the world, then they’d probably struggle to answer, despite everything that’s been done.

      Where in this nation is science and innovation really appreciated? Most people just take it for granted.


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