Standing up for CSIRO in the media

In addition to supporting our members in the workplace, the Staff Association plays an active role defending CSIRO in the public debate concerning science and research in Australia.

The last few months have seen no shortage of issues that have attracted media attention: the sweeping internal restructure, release of the Commission of Audit report, the federal budget funding cuts and management’s response through the Annual Directions Statement to close laboratories and make deep cuts to CSIRO jobs and research.

Throughout, the Staff Association has worked hard to relay the concerns of CSIRO staff to the public, through the media and build awareness of the important work our members perform in service of science and the national interest.

Members are encouraged to use this selection of media to help inform their conversations with colleagues, the general public or on social media. The Staff Association has a presence on Facebook and Twitter and members are encouraged to contribute to the online debate.


Science minister’s cabinet role must be backed with action from Ian Macfarlane
Restoring science to the federal cabinet has been welcomed by the scientific community, but the move will need to be backed by action from the government to be more than just a name change – Canberra Times, weblink.

Macfarlane defends research cuts
Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane says CSIRO budget cuts and job losses have had minimal impacts on agricultural research – The Land, weblink.


Long-term effect of CSIRO budget cuts
Australia’s world-leading science agency, the CSIRO, has been buffeted by funding cuts and loss of staff over the past two years. What has the impact been – and what might it mean for its future? Fairfax media, weblink.

CSIRO cut to the bone with risks for the future says Chairman
Cuts to the CSIRO from consecutive Federal Governments have meant one in five staff have left and being ‘cut to the bone’ brings economic risks for the future, warns their Chairman – ABC 7.30, weblink.

Demand for new CSIRO research ship outstrips sailing days
The Minister for Industry, Ian Macfarlane, officially launched the CSIRO’s new research vessel the RV Investigator in Hobart today. The minister describes the research ship as the world’s best. But the Government only has enough money to run the ship for 180 days a year –  ABC PM, weblink

Emphasis on short-term gains worries Australia’s science community
Researchers maintain that excellence in science requires a long-term strategy, money, and closer interactions with the commercial sector – Physics Today (US) weblink

Science cuts are false economy
In the general spirit of slash-and-burn that has prevailed in Australia in recent months, it is becoming clear that some cuts have the capacity to inflict damage on the national economy that will last, not just for years, but for generations, writes Julian Cribb – Fairfax media, weblink

CSIRO budget should rise: Shorten
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says science funding should be increased if Australia is to avoid a ‘small country mentality’ – SBS online, weblink

CSIRO ‘did OK’ in cuts to budget: MacFarlane
Budget cuts to CSIRO were not as bad as they could have been and the agency’s funding is safe for the next three years, Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane said – The Australian, paywall.

CSIRO staff ‘not allowed to attend conferences’ as budget cuts hit hard, staff say
CSIRO scientists are being refused permission to attend conferences and morale has plummeted as budget cuts hit hard, staff members say. About 20 per cent of staff are set to lose their jobs over the next two years as a result of a loss of $115 million in funding and internal restructuring – ABC Online, weblink

Nobel prize contender San Thang cut from CSIRO
A world-leading CSIRO chemist who was  tipped to win a Nobel prize has been made redundant. In September, the same month San Thang was nominated as a frontrunner for the illustrious prize in chemistry, he also ceased working as a senior researcher for the national science organisation, which has been hemorrhaging staff since June last year following severe budget cuts and a restructure – Fairfax Media, weblink.

CSIRO scientists will bear the brunt of funding cuts, analysis shows
Exclusive: Staff association says cuts will be deeper than forecast and will not fall mostly on support workers, contrary to previous management claims – Guardian Australia, weblink.

CSIRO job cuts hit IT and research
Just as the ABC announces massive job cuts, the union representing staff at the nation’s premier scientific research organisation has released a report into the effects of layoff there. The CSIRO Staff Association says that job losses at the national laboratory will be worse than originally forecast, resulting in the loss of one in five employees over a two year period – IT Wire, weblink.

Claims nearly 900 jobs to go at CSIRO as Australia aims to boost farm production
The CSIRO is set to lose one staff member in five over the next two years. The effect of the Federal Government’s cut of $114 million is now becoming clearer, with at least four regional research sites under threat – ABC Rural, weblink.

CSIRO to lose one-fifth of its workforce over two years: CPSU
Job losses at the Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) are expected to be worse off than originally forecast. New analysis from the union representing CSIRO employees has revealed that one in five employees will lose their job over the next two years –ZD Net, weblink.

CSIRO faces the loss of 800 jobs
The national science agency will have lost over one-fifth of its workforce by June, staff claim, following two years of cost-cutting by both political parties. A new analysis has found that CSIRO will lose almost 800 jobs this financial year, roughly double the cuts announced this week by the ABC – The Australian, weblink.

Mining. Agriculture. Environment. Technology. All face huge cuts as CSIRO sheds science jobs
Agricultural enhancements. Drought mitigation. Deep space research. All are to be cut to the bone or closed under the Federal Government’s $115 million “efficiency dividend” on the CSIRO. The CSIRO Staff Association has released a new analysis which shows 878 employees will be cut by the middle of next year, amounting to one fifth of staff over two years, weblink.

CSIRO job cuts to hit mineral resources and energy research
Job losses at the national science agency will cut most deeply in the sector identified as key to Australia’s economic future. Research into mineral resources and energy will be worst-hit by the $115 million budget cut to CSIRO, while more than 20 per cent of job losses in industry-specific areas will be in resources and water, a CSIRO Staff Association analysis has found – The Australian, weblink.

Far Northern CSIRO scientists on the endangered list with job losses
Far Northern researchers working for the CSIRO have been placed on the endangered list, as the national science agency sheds hundreds of jobs across Australia. Staff are expecting almost 900 positions to be axed by the end of June, about 115 of them in Queensland. The cuts are the result of two years of cost-cutting under the stewardship of both political parties – Cairns Post, weblink.

A visionary PM takes on the eggheads
Envy of scientists and ignorance of their work is behind the muted reaction to the slashing of one in five jobs at the CSIRO, writes John Birmingham – Fairfax Media, weblink.

THE IMPACT ON STAFF lightbulb_supportCSIRO

CSIRO: one in three staff ‘seriously considering’ quitting, survey shows
Nearly one in three CSIRO staff are “seriously considering” leaving the research organisation after a bruising year of job losses following an internal restructure and a $111m federal funding cut. The dire figure emerged in a survey of more than 1,200 CSIRO staff commissioned by the organisation’s board and carried out in late August and early September – Guardian Australia, weblink.

CSIRO morale plummeting, survey shows
CSIRO’s staff morale has crashed and there is a growing chasm between senior management and staff. An internal survey of 1200 of CSIRO’s 5400 staff revealed sentiment in the science organisation had plummeted, with a minority of employees saying they still trusted that senior management had a clear vision and were communicating well – Canberra Times, weblink.

CSIRO staff angry at execs’ failure to secure funding
An internal report into staff morale at Australia’s peak science and research body has revealed the CSIRO’s employees are frustrated at the organisation’s inability to secure adequate funding from the Government – IT News, weblink.


Six jobs in agricultural research are among those to be lost in CSIRO cuts
Australian agricultural research is expected to be affected by funding cuts at the nation’s premier science institution, with confirmation positions within the agricultural flagship will be among those lost as part of budget cuts at the CSIRO – ABC rural, weblink.

CSIRO retrenches 75 staff in ‘kick in the guts’ for flagship research programs
The axe has fallen again at Australia’s research agency, the CSIRO, with another 75 researchers retrenched across the organisation’s future manufacturing, agriculture and digital productivity programs – – Guardian Australia, weblink.

Latest CSIRO cuts hit manufacturing, agriculture and digital productivity
Manufacturing, agricultural and digital productivity researchers are next in the firing line as the CSIRO continues to slash jobs. The CSIRO Staff Association has been informed of the next 75 jobs to go in the latest round of redundancies at the organisation. Affected researchers could be shown the door in the next three to four months – Canberra Times, weblink.

Seventy-five high tech research jobs in firing line at CSIRO
There’s growing alarm at the number of jobs to be slashed from Australia’s premier science and research organisation. Six months after the Federal Government announced budget cuts to the CSIRO, the organisation says 75 research positions will be axed from advanced manufacturing, agriculture and digital productivity. The union says the Budget has undermined industry confidence in investing in Australian research and overall job cuts will be close to 800 by the end of the financial year – ABC AM Program, weblink.


Australian cuts rile researchers
Political scorn on top of shrinking funds creates hostility between scientists and Tony Abbott’s government… Nature, weblink.

CSIRO or ANSTO? Macfarlane defends cuts 
The Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane took umbrage on ABC radio this morning at questions on cuts to the CSIRO. The Minister was specifically asked about cuts to Australia’s peak science organisation. He responded by talking about funding he’d put into another organisation altogether – the nuclear research organisation ANSTO. Some are suggesting that was comparing apples with oranges… ABC PM, weblink.


CSIRO appoints Larry Marshall as new chief executive
Scientist and venture capitalist will replace Megan Clark, the science agency’s first female CEO, when her term expires… Guardian Australia, weblink.

Staff welcome new CSIRO CEO Larry Marshall
Staff at the CSIRO have welcomed the appointment of Larry Marshall as the new chief executive officer… ABC Canberra, weblink

Entrepreneur Larry Marshall to head CSIRO
The country’s peak scientific organisation, the CSIRO, is set to boost its collaboration with industry following the appointment of entrepreneur and venture capitalist Larry Marshall as its next chief executive… Fairfax, weblink


The evidence is in, science gets an F
EDITORIAL: The Age reported the CSIRO staff association saying that up to eight infectious diseases researchers at the Australian Animal Health Laboratory in Geelong were to lose their jobs. The laboratory is the only facility in the country that has the capability to work with live samples of deadly diseases… The Sunday Age, weblink.

CSIRO’s next round of cuts could hit Ebola research, warns union
Up to eight researchers at Australian Animal Health Laboratory in Geelong may lose their jobs, CSIRO staff association says.. . Guardian Australia, weblink

Budget cuts to CSIRO mean government organisation has to shut down research into bowel cancer, Alzheimer’s and dementia 
The CSIRO, the government science research organisation, is shutting down its bowel cancer and neurological research programs, due to budget cuts to the organisation… Daily Mail Online, weblink

Director of CSIRO’s Australian Animal Health Laboratory says job cuts ‘won’t affect’ animal health research
Veterinary scientists say they’re disappointed that the CSIRO will cut eight jobs from its Australian Animal Health Laboratory at Geelong in Victoria, as part of more than $110 million of Budget cuts to the science organisation… ABC Rural, weblink

Job cuts to hit Australian Animal Health Laboratory researching Ebola
Researchers at a Victorian laboratory that is investigating the deadly Ebola virus are set to lose their jobs as a result of federal government cuts, a union claims – The Australian, weblink

Australian Ebola research lab threatened
CSIRO says scientists studying Ebola will not be directly affected when Commonwealth scientists at a laboratory researching the killer virus are restructured out of their existing jobs. The CSIRO Staff Association said up to eight researchers at Geelong’s Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL) researching infectious diseases were set to lose their jobs – Fairfax Media, weblink.

Parkes and Narrabri telescopes may shut within two years, CSIRO warns
The radio telescopes at Parkes and Narrabri may shut within two years “without substantial, long-term external investment”, the chief of the CSIRO’s space research division has warned – Guardian Australia, weblink.

Concern for future of Narrabri and Parkes radio telescopes
The CSIRO Staff Association says the closure of either the Parkes or Narrabri radio telescope facilities would hit the astronomical community hard – ABC Online, weblink.

CSIRO cuts space research deeply to find required $114m savings
Deep cuts to the CSIRO budget will see up to 30 positions go in the organisation’s space research division and the suspension of its Bolton fellowship, one of the world’s most prestigious astronomy scholarships – Guardian Australia, weblink

Palmer United Party Senator supports efforts to save CSIRO forestry jobs
Palmer United Party Senator Jacqui Lambie has thrown her support behind 33 forest scientists who face losing their jobs at the CSIRO – ABC online, weblink.

CSIRO job cuts to hit forest and bushfire research
The CSIRO Staff Association says up to 40 jobs in the organisation’s ecosystem sciences division will be cut – ABC online, weblink.

CSIRO cuts threaten Abbott’s direct action policy
The CSIRO Staff Association said internal documents from the research organisation revealed dozens of scientists specialising in ecological research were now at risk while experts devoted to new carbon capture techniques could also be on shaky ground – Canberra Times, weblink.

Union fears budget axe to fall on more science research jobs
The Community and Public Sector Union has claimed more than half the positions at a CSIRO’s Sandy Bay campus could be made redundant – ABC online, weblink.

The telescope that beamed the moonwalk now faces a budget black hole 
Fears for the future of Parkes’s CSIRO radio telescope as the budget axe looms over the NSW town’s famous observatory – Guardian Australia, weblink

TAKING ACTION  lightbulb_supportCSIRO

Australian budget hits science jobs 
Joining together in vociferous chants of defiance, nearly a thousand scientists at Australia’s premier science agency protested across the country in response to deep funding cuts – Nature magazine, PDF download.

CSIRO staff call for urgent meeting with Industry Minister over job cuts
Staff at Australia’s top national science institution are calling for an urgent meeting with their Minister over the job cuts facing the CSIRO. The Abbott Government has no Science Minister, so the man they’re trying to see is the Industry Minister Ian MacFarlane – ABC online, weblink.

Researcher exit to jeopardise world-leading work
There are fears cuts to science jobs in Tasmania could result in a brain drain – Hobart Mercury, weblink

Expert in deadly jellyfish loses job as funds dry up
An international leader in jellyfish research will be out of her job with the CSIRO’s Hobart office tomorrow – leaving behind a world-first project to reduce the impact of deadly stingers – Hobart Mercury, weblink

CSIRO staff protest against science budget cuts in Canberra
CSIRO staff angry at plans to slice hundreds of jobs from the national research organisation have protested loudly in Canberra – ABC online, weblink

The Science of Protest
Canberra’s scientists head out of the labs and on to the streets to protest against government funding cuts and job losses – ABC 7.30, video only.

CSIRO scientists don lab coats to protest against budget cuts – CPSU quoted
Hundreds of CSIRO staff have gathered at sites around Australia to protest against budget cuts they say are putting Australian science in danger – Canberra Times, weblink

Scientists protest CSIRO cuts
Scientists have rallied at CSIRO sites in Canberra and across the country to protest funding cuts to the organisation – ABC Canberra, video

Sydney scientists protest CSIRO cuts
Staff gathered at the front of the Commonwealth Science and industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Sydney to protest the recent federal budget cuts – SBS, weblink

Australian scientists take to the streets to protest job cuts 
Abandoning their usual reserve, nearly 1000 scientists across the country downed instruments and grabbed placards this week to protest pending job losses at the nation’s leading research organisation the CSIRO – Science Magazine, weblink

CSIRO scientists protest ‘unprecedented’ job cuts
The protesters dressed in long lab coats. Their signs were scrawled with science puns. And they laughed while gathering for a group photo. “We’re rubbish at this,” one said teasingly – The Age, weblink

CSIRO funding cuts driven by ‘pure ignorance’, says staff association
Funding cuts to the CSIRO are driven by “pure ignorance” and will result in significant damage to Australia’s economy, the organisation’s staff body has claimed – The Guardian, weblink.

CSIRO Staff Association reiterates calls for Riverina MP to act on lab closure
“We want to see the National Party grow some spine in relation to this and come out and fight for this laboratory,” Paul Girdler said – ABC Riverina, weblink

Riverina MP says Griffith CSIRO lab closure has been ‘reached and made’
“Unfortunately at this stage, it looks like the decision will stay,” he said. “And despite my lobbying, despite my advocacy and look, I share the pain of the staff of CSIRO who have done good work over many decades – ABC Riverina, weblink

Newcastle CSIRO staff protest federal budget cuts
Wearing lab coats and armed with signs about 80 CSIRO staff gathered outside Newcastle’s energy centre on Tuesdayto protest “a blow to science research” – Newcastle Herald, weblink

CSIRO staff rally in Newcastle over Federal budget cuts
Some of Australia’s top scientists have rallied this afternoon in Newcastle over what they say is a CSIRO jobs crisis, stemming from Federal Government budget cuts – ABC Online, weblink

CSIRO staff protest federal budget science cuts in Geelong
About 160 scientists have protested in Geelong as part of nation-wide demonstrations against cuts to the CSIRO in the federal budget – ABC Online, weblink

CSIRO staff protest against job cuts
CSIRO staff are protesting in seven regional centres across Australia today, with fears some offices could be closed down – ABC Rural, weblink

CSIRO staff at Newcastle Energy Centre to protest over budget cuts
Staff at the CSIRO’s Energy Research Centre in Newcastle will hold a protest meeting this afternoon to raise concerns about looming job losses as a result of Federal Government budget cuts – ABC Online, weblink

CSIRO staff organise protests across Australia
“It’s no exaggeration to say that CSIRO faces a jobs crisis – we could be looking at the largest reduction in staffing at CSIRO in the organisation’s history,” The Staff Association’s Dr Michael Borgas said – Faifax Media, weblink

Science CSIRO Staff Protest Over Federal Budget Job Cuts 
The 2014 Federal Budget was harsh on plenty of Australians, but science took an especially rough beating. Beyond new funding for medical research, Aussie scientists have had $150 million cut from their bottom lines, and $115 million is being stripped from CSIRO. Workers from the country’s peak science research organisation are protesting the cuts, holding meetings to express their displeasure – Gizmodo, weblink

CSIRO staff to hold protest meetings over job cuts
Staff at the CSIRO intend to hold nationwide protest meetings today and Thursday over large-scale job cuts forced upon it by the government – IT News, weblink

Angry scientists to protest ‘savage’ Federal Budget job cuts
Scientists in Hobart will hold a day of protest next week to demonstrate against the “savage” job cuts forced on the organisation by the Federal Budget – Hobart Mercury, weblink

Scientists to lose jobs at CSIRO in Geelong
AAHL scientists are recognised world leaders in the fight against infectious diseases that pass between animals and humans — such as recent Hendra, avian and swine flu outbreaks — and play a vital role protecting the general public as well as the multi-billion-dollar livestock and aquaculture industries – Geelong Advertiser, weblink


Science funding cuts are generating fears for jobs and research output
“People will be lost to science, no doubt about that,” Staff Association President Dr Michael Borgas said. “It’s a pity to waste all that investment, not just from the individual’s point of view, but investment that the nation has made over many decades.” – Guardian Australia, weblink.

CSIRO closes sites and cuts research as result of budget 
CSIRO is closing several research sites, including relocating world-renowned climate research from its long standing atmospheric laboratory in Victoria, following the federal government’s budget cuts –Fairfax Media, weblink.

CSIRO cutback 
A leaked directions statement written by CSIRO management reveals plans to close several research sites and cut 500 jobs. Dr Michael Borgas speaks with Radio National’s Breakfast program – RN Breakfast, audio only 

CSIRO outlines cuts to research programs
The CSIRO has now identified where it will cut its research programs as it grapples with the savage cuts to its funding in the federal budget. The nation’s premier research organisation is planning to close some research sites completely and sack around 500 of its employees – ABC’s The World Today, weblink

More Budget pain for CSIRO
A number of regional CSIRO research sites have been earmarked for closure as part of cuts to $111 million in federal funding. Sites are believed to include the irrigation research laboratory at Griffith and the Mopra telescope near Coonabarabran in New South Wales – ABC Rural, weblink.

CSIRO cuts jobs and closes sites in budget squeeze
According to the CSIRO staff association, the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU), the government’s funding cuts to the organisation come to around AU$115 million, including the AU$111.4 million budget cut and a separate ‘efficiency dividend’ cut of AU$3.4 million – ZDNet, weblink.

Concerns about CSIRO operations at Narrabri and Armidale 
The CSIRO Staff Association is concerned about the impact of federal budget cuts on operations in Narrabri and Armidale. It says Armidale’s Arding field station will be sold and there will be a reduction in effort at the Parkes and Narrabri Radio Astronomy facilities. We spoke to the Association’s National Organiser Paul Girdler this morning – ABC radio, audio only

Griffith CSIRO staff face uncertain future
Chaos rules the CSIRO in Griffith today, with staff receiving mixed messages about whether the research facility will close. Paul Girdler, national organiser for the CSIRO Staff Association, said he was “absolutely astonished” there might be plans to close the Griffith laboratory, especially when it was currently finalising $3 million worth of external contracts for research – The Land, weblink.

CSIRO Staff Association slams Riverina MPs reaction to Griffith lab closure
The CSIRO Staff Association has slammed Riverina MP, Michael McCormack’s reaction to a decision to close the Griffith lab, claiming he’s not standing up for his electorate. Yesterday Mr McCormack told ABC Riverina he has raised concerns about the closure but is confident it will not disadvantage local farmers. Mr Girdler, says the union was never informed the Griffith site was under scrutiny – ABC,weblink.


Health and science suffer major cuts in Australia’s budget
A raft of health and science cuts are among the reasons why Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s first federal budget is one of the most unpopular ever – The Lancet, weblink.

More woe for Australia’s science agency
The staff association at Australia’s government science agency says that research ranging from astrophysics to neuroscience will be slashed and multiple research sites closed, in addition to hundreds of jobs lost, as its management struggle with budget cuts –, weblink.

Southern sky dims
Australia’s major research agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), will see its budget cut by 5.4% and will have to lay off up to 420 employees under an austerity budget released last week by the nation’s conservative government – Science Magazine, PDF download.

Australian science base eroded by budget cuts
Australia’s research community is reeling from what have been described as short sighted and politically motivated cuts, outlined in the new conservative government’s first budget – Chemistry World, weblink.


CSIRO climate research takes big hit in Budget
The CSIRO Staff Association says it’s deeply concerned about the Federal Government’s decision to axe millions of dollars worth of climate research funding – ABC Rural, weblink.

Simon McKeon says CSIRO cuts jeopardise the ‘smart country’
Former Australian of the Year and chairman of the national science agency Simon McKeon says research funding cuts will jeopardise Australia’s ability to compete against countries that are in far worse economic shape yet continue to support innovation – Australian Financial Review, paywall

CSIRO funding reduced by more than $110 million 
The nation’s top scientific organisation will be forced to slash research and programs to accommodate a significant budget cut. The CSIRO is facing a funding cut of more than $110 million, and it’ll be subject to even more cuts over the next few years. It means more than 400 jobs are on the chopping block – ABC PM, weblink

Funding for science programs slashed, millions cut from research
The government will slash funding for the Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) program by $80 million with a further $111.4 million being cut from the CSIRO – the organisation that invented WiFi – over the next four years – Computer World, weblink

CSIRO will be forced to shed 420 more jobs after cuts
Science flagship will have to become smaller and more focused after losing $115m in federal support – Guardian Australia, weblink.

Scientific, environment organisations respond to planned cuts
The CSIRO Staff Association’s acting secretary, Michael Borgas, said the cuts were “short-sighted and destructive.. they will do lasting harm to CSIRO and the capacity to deliver new inventions and crucial research for the next generation of Australians,” Dr Borgas said – ABC Online, weblink.

Painful days for government scientists with CSIRO job cuts
Workers at the government science body the CSIRO are reeling after bosses told them another 500 of their jobs were to go as a result of cuts in Tuesday’s federal budget – Canberra Times, weblink.


CSIRO buildings need $175 million to maintain working order 
The Commission of Audit found that Australia’s top national science body needed another $175 million to make sure that its buildings are up to scratch. The union representing its workers says it’s seriously concerned about the safety of staff working at some of the sites – ABC PM, weblink.

What about science in the Commission of Audit report?
The message from the federal government’s Commission of Audit is loud and clear: science, research and education are expenses to be trimmed rather than investments to be nurtured – The Conversation,weblink

Alarm sounded on political intrusion of CSIRO 
The research community is alarmed about potential political interference if the Abbott government goes head with a recommendation in its Commission of Audit to take more control over the CSIRO’s priorities – The Australian, paywall


Funding CSIRO is vital if we want to future proof our world 
The rumours circulating that CSIRO is resting on the chopping block should give all Australians pause. Though many think these cuts affect a small elite working in the research sector, cuts to Australia’s core research capacity will eventually affect us all – Fairfax Media, weblink.

Science funding cuts are vandalism
Sixty years ago, the then prime minister Robert Menzies was hailing the achievements of the CSIRO as ”miracles”. In 1953, Menzies used the CSIRO to illustrate the point that some in society who contributed substantially to progress were most often unrecognised – The Age, weblink.


Labor slams job cuts, funding cuts for CSIRO 
Management had advised the CSIRO Staff Association that 300 positions are expected to go as part of the preparation for funding cuts, with CSIRO said to have lost around 10 percent, or nearly 700 positions, since the start of this financial year – ZDNet, weblink.

CSIRO prepares to cut another 300 jobs
Australia’s peak science research organisation has flagged a further 320 potential job cuts as a result of a restructure aimed at cutting costs and the Government’s ongoing public service hiring freeze – IT News, weblink.

Hundreds to lose jobs at CSIRO and Customs
Hundreds of workers will be axed from the CSIRO, Customs and the National Film and Sound Archive, with more cuts feared in the lead-up to next month’s budget. The CSIRO said yesterday almost 300 jobs would be lost in the next few months. This is on top of 400 job cuts already slated at the CSIRO last year – The Australian, paywalled.



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