Regional sites stand up for CSIRO

Staff from CSIRO’s regional sites have led the way with a series of colourful protest events across Australia.

CSIRO employees gathered on Tuesday 24 June at worksites including Alice Springs, ArmidaleAthertonBrisbane (St Lucia / Dutton Park), Geelong, GriffithGeraldtonMyall Vale, NarrabriNewcastle and Townsville. 

The regional events will be followed by metropolitan mass meetings on Thursday 26 June in Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney.

For more information on metropolitan meetings, click here.

Check out some photos from these events below and related media coverage.

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Newcastle CSIRO staff protest federal budget cuts
Wearing lab coats and armed with signs about 80 CSIRO staff gathered outside Newcastle’s energy centre on Tuesdayto protest “a blow to science research” – Newcastle Herald, weblink

CSIRO staff rally in Newcastle over Federal budget cuts
Some of Australia’s top scientists have rallied this afternoon in Newcastle over what they say is a CSIRO jobs crisis, stemming from Federal Government budget cuts –ABC Online, weblink

CSIRO staff protest federal budget science cuts in Geelong
About 160 scientists have protested in Geelong as part of nation-wide demonstrations against cuts to the CSIRO in the federal budget – ABC Online, weblink

CSIRO staff protest against job cuts
CSIRO staff are protesting in seven regional centres across Australia today, with fears some offices could be closed down – ABC Rural, weblink

CSIRO staff at Newcastle Energy Centre to protest over budget cuts
Staff at the CSIRO’s Energy Research Centre in Newcastle will hold a protest meeting this afternoon to raise concerns about looming job losses as a result of Federal Government budget cuts – ABC Online, weblink

CSIRO staff organise protests across Australia
“It’s no exaggeration to say that CSIRO faces a jobs crisis – we could be looking at the largest reduction in staffing at CSIRO in the organisation’s history,” The Staff Association’s Dr Michael Borgas said – Faifax Media, weblink

Science CSIRO Staff Protest Over Federal Budget Job Cuts 
The 2014 Federal Budget was harsh on plenty of Australians, but science took an especially rough beating. Beyond new funding for medical research, Aussie scientists have had $150 million cut from their bottom lines, and $115 million is being stripped from CSIRO. Workers from the country’s peak science research organisation are protesting the cuts, holding meetings to express their displeasure – Gizmodo, weblink

CSIRO staff to hold protest meetings over job cuts
Staff at the CSIRO intend to hold nationwide protest meetings today and Thursday over large-scale job cuts forced upon it by the government – IT News, weblink


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