Better late than never

Finally, after many months of delays, CSIRO management have set a date to commence negotiations for a new enterprise agreement.

UPDATE: Management and Staff Association representatives have agreed to hold the first set of formal discussions over two days in Canberra, from 21-22 July.

Key points

  • Enterprise agreement negotiations – held up by lengthy management delays and Government red tape – will now commence on 21 July in Canberra
  • The Staff Association claim is modest, reasonable and built on staff involvement
  • CSIRO management appear to be considering a nasty agenda including stripping protections and cutting conditions, which could fuel even greater job insecurity.

Management delays have led to impossible timeframe

Management’s eventual decision to commence bargaining follow repeated requests from the Staff Association – beginning in November last year – to set a start date for negotiations. And management’s delaying tactics may end up costing staff dearly.

The current agreement is due to expire in mid August, which leaves less than a month to negotiate and approve a deal that is acceptable to all parties. This is a near impossible time frame and there’s a real risk that CSIRO employees will be financially disadvantaged due to management’s tardiness.

The Staff Association position – reasonable, modest and inclusive 

Drawing on previous experience, the Staff Association determined to develop a reasonable and modest bargaining position through a democratic process, delivered ahead of time to avoid delays.

Our position is focussed on enhancing job security, safeguarding workplace conditions, protecting rights at work and delivering a modest pay rise that keeps pace with inflation.

What is management’s agenda?

Management’s own position remains largely a mystery. However, some worrying signs have begun to emerge.

There are indications that management seem keen to embrace a regressive agenda favoured by the Federal Government that encourages stripping enforceable protections from agreements, making deep cuts to working conditions, curtailing representational rights and cutting real wages.

Most controversially, some senior managers have made the bald statement – often directly to the faces of staff currently making massive sacrifices – that the impact of Government’s cuts to CSIRO jobs and research would not be taken into account when it comes to enterprise agreement negotiations.

Join today

The Staff Association stands up for workers and for a better CSIRO. We fight to protect jobs, research and working conditions and we do it by working together.

We’re only as strong as our membership so if you haven’t yet joined your Staff Association, complete the form today.

For more information contact your local delegate, email or call (03) 8620 6348.

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