Savage scale of CSIRO cuts revealed

A more detailed picture of the massive cuts to jobs and research at CSIRO is beginning to emerge.

Under the terms of the current Enterprise Agreement, CSIRO management are required to provide the Staff Association with written advice if there is a situation where employees may be potentially redundant.

Management have to put it in writing

The formal advice – in some cases a combination of internal restructure (IRP) and federal budget job cuts – makes for sobering reading, detailing the size and location of the cuts and the areas of research affected.

So far the Staff Association has received formal advice from Business Development and Commercialisation, Marine and Atmospheric Research, Communications, Plant Industry, Process Science and Engineering, Computational Informatics and DPAS, Education and Outreach , Divisions, Flagships and Enterprise Services, Energy Technology and Earth Science Resource Engineering including Science in Society and Minerals Systems Science, Health, Safety and Environment, Information Management and Technology and Land and Water.

In the interests of openness, transparency and keeping members informed, the Staff Association has made the written advice available online.

Management have indicated that written advice concerning cuts at Ecosystem Sciences, Astronomy and Space Science and Materials Science and Engineering and Animal Food and Health Sciences will be provided to the Staff Association shortly.

Accountability threatened?

Somewhat ironically, the requirement to provide the union with written advice regarding potential redundancies could be in danger itself.

The measure ensures transparency, accountability and provides staff and their representatives an opportunity to influence the outcome by providing additional information and facilitating redeployment, to the benefit of the organisation.

However this clause may be targeted by management in enterprise agreement negotiations, should they decide to support the Federal Government’s extreme agenda of stripping workplace protections and cutting conditions.

More information

Read the latest Enterprise Agreement update.



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