Have CSIRO management shown their true colours?

After months of delay and less than a week before negotiations for a new enterprise agreement, management have finally revealed their vision for the future of CSIRO working conditions – and it isn’t pretty.

CSIRO management have released documents indicating they have chosen to pursue the Government’s hostile bargaining agenda which aims to strip protections, weaken job security and ransom pay increases at the expense of working conditions.

Management’s last minute disclosure – on the eve of negotiations and less than a month before the expiry of the current agreement – contrasts starkly with the CSIRO Staff Association’s modest bargaining position which was released publicly last November.

First cuts to jobs and research, now working conditions

Despite years of cost cutting, hundreds of job losses, projected site closures and heavy cuts to research, management seem blind to the sacrifices CSIRO staff are in the process of making.

Rather – in what appears a cynical endorsement of the Government’s cuts to science and research – management will ignore any resulting ‘productivity’ savings in favour of targeting the working conditions of CSIRO staff.

That means working conditions, employee protections, job security safeguards, leave entitlements, classifications, superannuation and pay increases – are now all up for grabs.

Have CSIRO management finally revealed their true colours?

Staff Association approach

Built on the survey responses of nearly a thousand members, the Staff Association position was endorsed and publicly released last November.

The Staff Association position is focused on strengthening job security, protecting conditions, preserving enforceable working protections and securing a modest pay rise.

All Staff Association members will receive updates from the union’s bargaining team following negotiations with management.

Workplace meetings

Workplace meetings for Staff Association members for late July – early August will be scheduled over the coming weeks. So save the date, watch this space and make the effort to attend. And don’t forget to bring a friend.

Time to join

The Staff Association won’t stop standing up for jobs, working conditions and CSIRO workers – it’s what we do. But we can’t do it without our members. It’s a collective effort.

If you haven’t yet joined the Staff Association, well now’s the time. Support the union that supports Australian science and research.

Speak to your local delegate or organiser about joining, call (03) 8620 6348 or email csstaff@cpsu.org.au for more information.

1 thought on “Have CSIRO management shown their true colours?

  1. Why is the management interested in making changes to “Grievance and Misconduct” ???
    Better protection for the staff ??? Probably not.


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