CSIRO Staff Association welcomes appointment of new Chief Executive

The union representing staff at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation  (CSIRO) has welcomed the appointment of new Chief Executive, Dr Larry Marshall.

Chairman of the CSIRO Board, Simon McKeon has announced that Dr Marshall will join the organisation in January, replacing outgoing Chief Executive Dr Megan Clark.

Described as an entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Dr Marshall holds a doctorate in physics from Macquarie University and is currently the Managing Director of Southern Cross Ventures in the United States.  

CSIRO Staff Association Secretary Sam Popovski said that Dr Marshall would face significant challenges in the role.  

“The Staff Association welcomes the appointment of Dr Marshall. CSIRO needs strong leadership as it struggles to cope with heavy cuts to funding, jobs and research.

“CSIRO is an unique organisation delivering a diverse mix of basic and applied research, in laboratories and worksites all across Australia. The Staff Association is looking forward to engaging with Dr Marshall and helping him get to know the people and the organisation,” Mr Popovski said.

“An immediate challenge for Dr Marshall will be to repair morale and meaningfully involve staff and their representatives in the strategic planning for CSIRO’s future,” he said.

Mr Popovski said that he had written to Dr Marshall congratulating him on the appointment and inviting him to meet with Staff Association representatives. Mr Popovski also paid tribute to outgoing Chief Executive Dr Megan Clark.

“With the organisation in flux, it will take time to assess Dr Clark’s legacy at CSIRO. However there should be no doubt regarding the passion and professionalism Dr Clark has brought to the role.

“Dr Clark’s willingness to listen and engage with staff has been characteristic of her time at CSIRO. We hope that process continues with Dr Marshall,” Mr Popovski said.


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