CSIRO Section candidates elected unopposed

The Australian Eectoral Commission (AEC) has announced the successful candidates in a range of uncontested positions as part of the CPSU 2014 elections.

All of the nominated candidates for CSIRO Section positions have been elected unopposed.

CPSU National Secretary 

Staff Association members can still vote in the ballot for CPSU National Secretary.

The ballot opens on Wednesday 19 November.

Voting papers will be delivered to nominated mailing addresses soon. Ballot closes 10 December.

CSIRO Section – Elected unopposed 

Terms commence 1 January 2015.

  • Section Secretary – Sam POPOVSKI
  • Section President – Michael Stewart BORGAS
  • Deputy President (2) – Sonia GROCKE and Elizabeth Lynn HULM
  • Treasurer – Scott WILKINSON
  • ACT Section Councillor – Janet ANSTEE
  • NSW Section Councillor – Yalchin OYTAM
  • VIC Section Councillor – Melissa Ann SKIDMORE
  • TAS Section Councillor – Mark GREEN
  • SA Section Councillor – Ben SCHERER
  • WA Section Councillor – Patrick Michael MERRIGAN
  • Southern QLD Section Councillor – Anna Louise CAMPBELL
  • Northern Australia Section Councillor – Delia MULLER

More information 



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