Not just CSIRO: industrial action escalates across public sector

CSIRO senior management continue to support the Federal Government’s regressive bargaining policy and have failed to put forward a position on pay or offer a replacement enterprise agreement to staff; despite having received the Staff Association’s bargaining position some 18 months ago.

It is now nearly two years since CSIRO staff had a pay rise and senior management remain committed to a policy that aims to cut many working conditions and rights that have been hard won over many years. This includes stripping over 45 clauses from the legally protected agreement only to be replaced by unenforceable policy that can be altered at management’s whim and without staff agreement.

The problems facing CSIRO staff are identical to the situation faced by workers across the public sector. The Abbott Government’s bargaining strategy is widely viewed as the harshest adopted by any major employer in Australia, however resistance is growing and industrial action is spreading across the federal public sector.

Who is taking industrial action?

Workers in agencies covering well over half of the federal public sector are now taking industrial action, including significant work stoppages around the country.

The action involves CPSU members in the Tax Office, Defence, Veterans Affairs, The Department of Employment, The Bureau of Meteorology, Geoscience Australia, Environment – including the Australian Antarctic Division – and The Department of Human Services.

More agencies will soon join the industrial fray including workers in Customs and Immigration, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the National Library. This represents the biggest campaign of industrial action in the federal public sector in 30 years.

What’s next in CSIRO?

The Staff Association Council met recently – and based on the feedback of members and delegates – has determined to continue the current industrial action bans until 30 June 2015 at the very least. The work bans include:

  1. A ban on the recording of effort logging
  2. A ban on responding to internal CSIRO voicemail messages
  3. A ban on attending face-to-face meetings with management and instead dial-in details will be requested for participation in meetings with management by telephone or video
  4. A ban on working more than 7 hours 21 minutes per day.

Stoppage action likely in June

Unless CSIRO senior management stand up for staff and reject the Federal Government’s draconian bargaining rules, CSIRO members will need to escalate the industrial campaign in June; including through participation in significant stoppage action.

Membership meetings across the country are occurring in coming weeks. Please attend and have your say. Staff Association members are also encouraged to continue to promote and participate in work bans.

Attend a membership meeting

More information including membership meeting details, FAQs, resources such as posters, signs and notification pro formas, relevant media and updates are available at our information page.

Join the campaign to protect CSIRO working conditions and rights

Help protect jobs, research and working conditions at CSIRO by joining the Staff Association. The more members that join the union and stand up for CSIRO, the stronger the message we send to senior management to negotiate a fair agreement.

There’s never been a more important time to support your CSIRO colleagues by applying for Staff Association membership.

Join today by emailing or call (03) 8620 6348 for more information.


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