Membership fees are changing

Staff Association membership fees are set for a incremental increase from 1 July 2015, representing the first change in the rate of deduction in over fifteen years.

The change will ensure the union retains the capacity to support members and protect working conditions in CSIRO following two tough years where funding cuts and declining external earnings have resulted in nearly 1,300 – or one in five – jobs lost.

What’s changing and why?

From 1 July 2015, CSIRO Staff Association membership fees will increase from 0.55% to 0.6% of salary.

Job losses at CSIRO have seen a 7 percent overall reduction in Staff Association membership numbers, although membership density has increased during this period. The subsequent reduction in revenue has the potential to translate to fewer resources available for campaigning or to support members in the workplace.

Given the challenges facing CSIRO staff – including the bargaining battle to defend working conditions – the Staff Association’s Council has determined maintain resources devoted to organising, campaigning, communications and supporting members in the workplace.

This strategic decision – given the reduction in revenue due to job cuts – necessitates a change in membership fees to preserve the ongoing financial sustainability of the Staff Association.

What do I need to do?

Nothing. The fee increase will occur on 1 July 2015 and lift the rate of deduction by 0.05 per cent automatically from the first full pay period onwards.

It is important to note that in adopting this strategy, the Staff Association Council considered the affordability of membership fees.

Even a small rise in household costs can be significant and members concerned at the impact of the increase are encouraged email for more information or assistance.

2 thoughts on “Membership fees are changing

  1. I consider an increase in fees that are already linked to a percent of salary as inappropriate. Everything is going up as a percent of salary but salaries stay the same. Something has to give. If we were paying a straight fee I would be more accepting, but as it is already linked as percent of salary and linked to salary increases this should be the mechanism. I dont agree with a further increment.

    • Thank you for your feedback. The decision to change the percentage rate is to ensure the Association retains (not reduces) the capacity to support and campaign for members (a situation caused by job losses at CSIRO). We will consider financial hardship issues wherever they are raised by individual members. Please email if we can provide any assistance.


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