Industrial actions bans to continue in August

Current industrial action bans on the recording of effort logging and on working more than 7 hours 21 minutes per day will continue throughout the month of August. See the latest notice of industrial action provided to CSIRO HR.

Staff Association representatives have not been provided with an agreement or pay offer in bargaining after more than a year of formal negotiations with CSIRO Executive management and HR. The current Enterprise Agreement nominally expired on 16 August 2014 but will continue to apply until a new agreement is approved by staff.

The next formal negotiation meeting will be held on Tuesday the 4th of August. Staff Association representatives will be seeking clarification on management’s current position to extensively strip working conditions and rights from the Enterprise Agreement.

Members will be provided a bargaining update following the negotiation meeting. The Staff Association Council will convene to consider our bargaining strategy and actions on Thursday the 6th of August.

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