75,000 reasons to join the Staff Association

Representation and advocacy provided by the Staff Association has resulted in one member receiving $75,000 in back pay; another example why union membership matters.

The anonymous member was required to relocate interstate several years ago. Relocation provisions provide for the reimbursement for costs associated with the sale and purchase of property if completed within set time limits.

While this member completed the relocation – including the sale and purchase of the family home within the required timeframe – the application for reimbursing costs including rental expenses incurred in the interim was delayed due to a number of circumstances.

However when an application for payment of the relocation expenses was made by the member several years later, management denied the application, stating that too much time had elapsed from the original forced relocation.

“Though CSIRO is a good employer it is possible to slip through the cracks (that are) difficult to get out without the help of someone who can provide you with guidance and interpretation,” the member said.

This all changed following assistance from a Staff Association organiser. The member in question was clearly owed the repayment as per the relocation provisions of the agreement. While time limits apply concerning sale and purchase of property plus other relocation expenses; the agreement is silent on any limitation to the making application for costs.

End result? After sustained advocacy and representations to CSIRO management, the Staff Association was able to secure the payment of $75,000 in relocation costs to the member in question.

“I am good in my area of expertise (but) not in Human Resources issues. Without the help from (my organiser) who played a key role in negotiations with CSIRO it would not be possible to resolve this issue in my favour,” the member said.

It’s just another reason why Staff Association membership matters and why it pays to be part of the union.

More information

Find out more information about joining the Staff Association by emailing csstaff@cpsu.org.au or call (03) 8620 6348.


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