Management’s offer strips CSIRO conditions and rights – SAY NO

say no pencilThe Staff Association has finally seen CSIRO management’s proposed agreement offer. It isn’t pretty.

More than a year after the nominal expiry date of the current agreement, management have served up a terrible deal that cuts conditions and strips rights in return for paltry pay increases.

We’re asking all CSIRO staff to SAY NO to management’s proposed agreement.

Call to action

We’ve produced a flyer that we’re asking everyone to print and distribute to all colleagues – whether they’re in the Staff Association or not. Download the flyer here.

Key features of the management offer

  • Cuts to conditions and rights – management’s offer slashes the current 94 clauses in the agreement down to 59. Our current agreement has literally been torn in half, 103 pages down to 46. Conditions and rights that have been stripped include; consultation, management accountability, grievance procedure, travel entitlements and accommodation changes.
  • No protection – stripping conditions and rights into CSIRO policy makes them legally unenforceable. Management could totally remove or change these conditions and rights at any time, without agreement.
  • Paltry pay offer – The pay offer is 1.75 per cent on commencement, followed by a 1.5 per cent increase after 12 months and another 1.5 per cent after 24 months. But as there is no back pay from the nominal expiry date, the average pay increase is actually at best 1.1 per cent per annum.

The central position of Staff Association members is that there should be no loss of current conditions and rights from the agreement. This offer grossly fails to achieve this position.

Say NO

Management have stated they have no time table for a vote. There is another meeting scheduled with bargaining representatives in two weeks.

The Staff Association calls on all CSIRO employees to SAY NO to this offer.

More detail to come

More detailed analysis of the offer will be provided shortly. We know that:

  • this offer was developed behind closed doors between CSIRO management and the Australian Public Service Commission; and
  • very similar bad offers are being voted down across the public sector, including recently at Border Protection and Immigration, where 91% of staff voted NO.

Over the past two years, CSIRO has had its funding slashed, with thousands of jobs cut and important research abandoned.

Time to take a stand

Unless we want to see working conditions and rights go the same way, we need to take a strong stand and reject this terrible deal.

Join today

Say NO and join the Staff Association to protect CSIRO working conditions and rights. Email or call (03) 8620 6348 for more information about membership.

3 thoughts on “Management’s offer strips CSIRO conditions and rights – SAY NO

  1. Yes, reading the difference document was most enlightening, seeing all the management responsibilities being removed, along with a whole bunch of “simplified” clauses. I think it is still intransigence on behalf of management (whatever and whoever they are) to just ignore the non-compulsory federal bargaining position, and get real about this.

  2. We also support our fellow public officers in other agencies with our ‘NO’ vote – it sends a message to CSIRO we are not happy with their ‘opt-in’ and sends a message to Government that we, along with other public sector workers who have been overwhelmingly voting NO, are not willing to forgo our conditions. Government needs to drop this renewed push to go after our conditions – we vote and we are a big voting block on our own but we also live in communities and have families who also vote.


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