Staff Association members reject management offer

In a series of workplace meetings around the country, Staff Association members have flatly rejected management’s proposed agreement and called for an escalation of the campaign to defend working conditions and rights at CSIRO.

The three key messages echoed by members across worksites include:

  1. Cuts to working conditions are completely unacceptable
  2. Stripping workplace rights from the Enterprise Agreement into unenforceable policy will not be tolerated
  3. The poor pay offer is insulting and represents a decline of earnings in real terms.

Management delays continue to disadvantage staff

By steadfastly applying the broken Government bargaining policy, CSIRO management have made it effectively impossible to reach a deal – even more than a year after the nominal expiry date of the current agreement

Now management have stated they are awaiting the release of a ‘revised’ Government policy which Staff Association bargaining representatives understand will:

  • Still seek to strip important rights and conditions from the enforceable agreement
  • Not consider any real productivities that have and will be achieved by the CSIRO workforce, despite the heavy cuts to research and the recent loss of 1,300 jobs
  • Potentially increase the pay offer but refuse to offer back pay compensation despite the chronic delays.

Management won’t give CSIRO staff a say

Despite repeated questioning, management have not provided a timeframe for a staff vote on the proposed offer and to face the music. Without the prospect for a voting process, Staff Association members expressed deep disappointment in CSIRO’s leadership and management’s refusal to work constructively to resolve bargaining impasse.

Industrial action set to escalate

The protected action work ban working more than 7.21 hours per day will cease on 31 October. While formal bargaining meetings will continue on a fortnightly basis, Staff Association members across the country have called for an escalation in action to increase pressure on CSIRO management.

The Staff Association Council is now planning new strike action in November, which will coincide with increased stoppages and work bans across the other parts of the federal public sector.

More information 

For more information and access to updates and resources, visit the Enterprise Bargaining campaign page.

Time to join

If you value your pay and conditions, support the CSIRO Staff Association by becoming a member. Speak to your workplace delegate or organiser, email or call (03) 8260 6348 for more information.


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