Members will strike to protect CSIRO conditions and rights

stop work web badge nov15In a recent series of workplace meetings across the country, Staff Association members flatly rejected management’s proposed agreement which seeks to strip important rights and working conditions.

In response, the Staff Association Council met and endorsed a national two hour strike (9am-11am local time) on Thursday 19 November – unless CSIRO Executive and Human Resources (HR) immediately change their unworkable approach to bargaining.

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CSIRO staff are being ignored

Neither the CSIRO Executive nor the Federal Government are listening to the genuine concerns of CSIRO staff. Management continue to apply the Government’s regressive bargaining policy, which seeks to move important rights and conditions from the protection of the Enterprise Agreement (EA) into unenforceable policy.

These include prior consultation, miscellaneous leave, travel conditions and grievance procedures; which if stripped would not be enforceable at the Fair Work Commission.

For the full scope of management’s attack on rights and working conditions, read the Staff Association’s detailed analysis.

‘Revised’ bargaining policy has changed very little

The recent release of the Government’s ‘revised’ bargaining policy has changed very little; other than increasing the ‘pay cap’ from 1.5 to 2 per cent per annum (with no back pay).

This move on pay ignores what CSIRO staff have been saying for almost two years now; that the attack on rights and working conditions remains the core issue.

Members have told the Staff Association that they are insulted by the approach of the Federal Government and management’s stubborn adherence to this unfair policy.

Public sector workers are standing up

This November, Federal public sector workers are continuing a campaign of strategic industrial action. This includes CPSU members at Border Force and Immigration who are taking strike action of up to 24 hours and implementing a range of work bans.

Following the successful implementation of work bans at CSIRO, the Staff Association Council has now determined to step up the pressure by stopping work on 19 November – to do what we can to help break the bargaining impasse.

Negotiations are continuing

On Thursday 12 November, Staff Association representatives will again meet – for the 22nd time! – with the CSIRO management bargaining team for EA negotiations. The Staff Association will provide CSIRO Executive and HR an opportunity to avert strike action by listening to staff and withdrawing their proposed cuts to rights and working conditions.

Stop work meetings on 19 November

Following the negotiation meeting on 12 November, the Staff Association will advise members of the full details of stop work meetings. It is intended that members would stop work between 9am and 11am (local time) on Thursday 19 November, with collective activities planned at many workplaces.

Make a stand with your colleagues on the day and send a strong message that any move to cut CSIRO rights and conditions will not be tolerated.

Now is the time to join

If you value your conditions at work at CSIRO, join the CSIRO Staff Association. Speak to your workplace delegate or organiser, email or call (03) 8260 6348 for more information.


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