Senate set to scrutinise job cuts

CSIRO rally smallerStaff Association members, scientists, students and public servants are planning a snap rally outside the Tasmanian Parliament to draw attention to the impact of CSIRO cuts to the local economy and science community.

The rally is coinciding with a special hearing of the Senate budget measures committee which will scrutinise CSIRO’s proposed cuts, particularly in Oceans and Atmosphere research in Tasmania.

More information

CPSU member meeting point 

CPSU members are invited to meet with staff at 188 Collins Street on the corner at 12.15pm to walk to Parliament Lawns for a 12.30pm start. Please RSVP here.

The Liberal Government has cut more than $114 million from CSIRO, with their latest attack on climate science and environmental research compounding the untold damage already done to public science.

Australia needs properly funded public science to confront climate change, cure disease and prepare us for the future. It’s time for Malcolm Turnbull to stand up for CSIRO. Join us on Tuesday  – and bring along some friends.

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