The need to value CSIRO

14-IMG_9580With enterprise bargaining crippled by a hostile Government, 1 in 5 jobs lost from the organistation in two years, and the future of public good science under threat – it’s time to fight for and value CSIRO.

We need to value our workers and value our science.

The Value Principles

  1. Stop cuts to public science

Public science is for the public good. Government cuts to CSIRO are doing untold damage to Australia. Critical research is being halted into climate science, biodiversity, urban water, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer research, geothermal energy and liquid fuels. Science at CSIRO should not be used purely for profiteering. It belongs to all of us.

Science is of great value to the public.

  1. Suspend all job losses

We call on CEO Larry Marshall and the Turnbull Government to suspend all job losses and not implement any proposed changes until consultation occurs. CSIRO staff must be provided with a genuine opportunity to influence the decision makers.

It’s time to value CSIRO staff

  1. Enforce our rights

As a collective we will stand strong to defend our rights and conditions. We will ensure that our current Enterprise Agreement is protected and enforce our rights to consultation and conditions to protect jobs.

We value our rights and conditions.

  1. Make the Chief Executive accountable

Bad decisions are being made by the Chief Executive and the Executive team. CSIRO’s reputation is suffering. CSIRO’s Executive must be held to account by staff and the Australian and international science communities.

Let’s continue to value CSIRO.

What Staff Association members can do now

  • Distribute the Value flyer in your workplace
  • Like the Support CSIRO Facebook page
  • Use #supportCSIRO on your personal Facebook or Twitter
  • Sign the Proud To Be Public petition on
  • Talk to your colleagues in the workplace about why this is important
  • Wear your #supportCSIRO t-shirt in your workplace and in public
    • Don’t yet have a #supportCSIRO t-shirt? Contact us at and we’ll get back to you.

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