Push for review into Executive Team gathers pace

Calls for an independent review into CSIRO’s Executive Management are beginning to resonate with one major political party backing the proposal, first made by the Staff Association in a submission to a Senate Select Committee currently scrutinising CSIRO cuts.

High time for independent review  

The submission – which calls for an ‘immediate independent external review of CSIRO’s corporate structure and management’ based on an overwhelming ‘lack of trust and confidence in (CSIRO’s) Executive management’ – has been unanimously endorsed as a formal position of the Staff Association Council.

Despite the dramatic changes at CSIRO culminating in the latest jobs crisis, the submission notes that ‘the last independent external review of CSIRO’s corporate structure and management was almost 30 years ago.’

Labor backs external inquiry

Speaking at a community forum in Melbourne, Opposition Science and Research spokesperson Senator Kim Carr committed a future Labor Government to a review.

Mr Carr said – if elected – a Labor government would hold an external review to consider whether “the CSIRO structure and management is now effective in the circumstances that we face”.

Confidence in CSIRO Executive at all time low

Staff Association President Dr Michael Borgas described staff confidence in CSIRO executive management as “increasingly non-existent.”

“It’s not just about Larry,” Dr Borgas said, referring to controversial CSIRO Chief Executive Dr Larry Marshall.

“Confidence in the Executive Team and the corporate culture at CSIRO has all but evaporated.”

“Despite all the recent restructures and massive cuts to jobs and research, the senior executives of CSIRO have failed to secure the organisation’s future and funding certainty.

“In fact, it seems the only jobs executive management have successfully protected are their own; while awarding themselves handsome salary bonuses in the process of course,” Dr Borgas said.

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1 thought on “Push for review into Executive Team gathers pace

  1. Please do this review after I get my package and go. I do not want to be here any longer due to the continual bullying and the way we are looked at in the workshop where I work as second rate citizens in a third rate organisation. The money I will get and the super I have put away will allow my wife and myself to live a life that is free of this continual stupidity, degradation and continual harassment we have to live with everyday just because we are not in a science group. As I said to my manager Steve Edwards, the biggest problem we face in the workshop is we have always had garbage management who look at us as a worthless part of CSIRO and not as an asset and as such that is the way we have been treated for at least the last 7-8 years..


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