Is CSIRO Executive starting to shift on enterprise bargaining?

seismograph machine earthquakeLast week’s enterprise agreement negotiations resulted in the most significant positive movement from CSIRO Executive since the bargaining process started three years ago.

It appears the Executive may be starting to shift positions on a range of key issues.

However will it be enough to achieve a fair deal for CSIRO staff?

For the first time, CSIRO Executive conceded that the current CSIRO Enterprise Agreement (EA) was the basis of negotiations on the rights and working conditions of staff. The October 2016 EA proposal – which staff overwhelming voted against – is effectively dead and buried.

Reinstatement of rights and conditions

Following the overwhelming rejection of the EA proposal last year, the Staff Association provided CSIRO Executive with a list of key priority issues that required significant improvement. The most recent negotiation meeting saw CSIRO Executive’s position change on a number of issues, with key working conditions and rights being reinstated in part or in full.

Find out more

The Staff Association will hold membership meetings in March to discuss these significant developments in enterprise bargaining. This is one meeting you won’t want to miss.

Speak to your delegate or organiser for more information. Meeting details will be available on our Enterprise Bargaining campaign page shortly.

Which issues have already been agreed in principle?

Staff Association representatives have agreed in principle – subject to member feedback – on content relating to Annual Performance Agreements, management accountability, accommodation changes, part-time arrangements and moral rights. This is because the rights and conditions within these clauses of the current EA have been reinstated in full.

Which issues have not been agreed?

Staff Association representatives have not agreed with CSIRO Executive’s current proposals on consultation, management of underperformance, miscellaneous leave and work classification standards. Despite rights and conditions being reinstated in part by CSIRO Executive in all of these clauses, the Staff Association is pushing for full reinstatement of this content; based on the current, legally enforceable agreement.

Which issues have not been considered yet?

Several key issues have not been considered yet including redundancy and redeployment, indefinite and specified term employment, merit promotion, grievances, travel and relocations.

What happens next?

Another negotiation meeting has been scheduled early next week, where the remainder of the priority issues will be considered. There will still be work to do on all of the clauses of a new EA and the key issue of pay before any consideration could be given to an overall deal for staff. Although the positions are shifting, the vast majority of the Staff Association claims for members remain to be achieved and CSIRO staff are still likely to be offered a very poor pay outcome given the delays in bargaining.

What members can do

Staff Association representatives in negotiations need your feedback, particularly on issues that have not been agreed. Attend your local workplace meeting in coming weeks to provide this feedback and get the latest information. Contact or visit our campaign page if you have questions or comments.

No better time to join

Please remember to talk to your colleagues about joining the Staff Association now. The strength of our bargaining position will increase as new members join the union.

Email for more information on membership.

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1 thought on “Is CSIRO Executive starting to shift on enterprise bargaining?

  1. thank you to all staff that stood up and voted NO to protect our working conditions. Thanks also to Sam and all the staff association organisers who continue to support delegates and members during the most protracted negotiations ever. You haven’t given up and neither have we.


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