Tracking the progress of enterprise bargaining

A special message from Staff Association Secretary Sam Popovski regarding enterprise bargaining at CSIRO.

AS NEGOTIATIONS in enterprise bargaining are proceeding rapidly, I encourage all members to get the latest information by reading Staff Association emails, bulletins and visiting our campaign page.

For those members interested in the detail of particular issues, our analysis document of CSIRO management’s updated position on each clause of the Enterprise Agreement (EA) is your most important resource.

This document will be further updated next week following the formal negotiation meeting with CSIRO management on Friday 17 March.

Our approach in coming weeks

Staff Association representatives are negotiating on the basis of retaining of working conditions and rights in the enforceable EA, in addition to achieving a fair and competitive salary increase; especially given the effective three year pay freeze for CSIRO staff.

Given the Government’s bargaining policy is still being applied by CSIRO, the prospect of achieving the majority of claims of members – aimed at improving conditions and rights in the EA – remains remote.

With pay also likely to be a problem, there is a long way to go before any proposal in negotiations could be recommended by Staff Association representatives to members.

Right now, staff providing feedback, participating and joining the Staff Association are our priorities so we can achieve a better outcome for all.

In unity,


Sam Popovski

Secretary, CSIRO Staff Association


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