New CBIS proposed top line structure revealed

Last year senior management released a proposal for consultation to CSIRO Business and Infrastructure Services (CBIS) staff on a new top line management structure.

Titled CBIS Into the Future, the document was in response to the Ernst and Young’s (EY) report into the future of the business unit.

The EY report examined the alignment of CBIS structure, resources, capability and culture with CSIRO’s overall priorities and proposed a major shakeup for the unit’s operations and staff.

With CBIS management now having considered the feedback received on the proposed structure, Staff Association representatives met with management and were informed of the changes that will be implemented over coming months.

Structural reorganisation

Senior management aims to address some of the problems identified in the EY report through a new top line structure which creates two new consolidated functions and two new regional groupings under the leadership of a single Director.

The two functions of the new structure include; ‘Portfolio Planning, Projects & Sustainability’ and ‘Portfolio Services’, followed by two new regions ‘NE Regional Infrastructure & Services’ and ‘NWS Regional Infrastructure and Services’.

Both the Security and Fraud and Strategic Procurement functions have already been moved out of CBIS and into CSIRO Governance and Finance respectively.

The ‘Portfolio Planning, Projects & Sustainability’ function will be a single point of responsibility for CSIRO-wide property planning including project scoping, environmental sustainability & delivery and advice on projects.

‘Portfolio Services’ function will be a single point of responsibility for CSIRO-wide service and support to staff and includes engineering workshops, fleet management and other portfolio management such as assets and estates.

Four existing CBIS regions (AAHL, QNA, WASANTI & VICTAS) will be consolidated down to two regions responsible for ‘consistent, customer-centric, site-based delivery of services to staff’, including property, facilities, reception services and local stores.

‘NE Regional Infrastructure & Services’ will include QLD, NSW and ACT whilst ‘NWS Regional Infrastructure and Services’ will include Victoria, AAHL, Tasmania, SA, NT and WA.

The process of appointing a new CBIS Director is underway, with a panel interview to consider applicants occurring in early February.

Concerns over job losses and the future of CBIS staff

Whilst the EY report provided some welcome insights into the future of CBIS, such as suggested changes to improve the function, accountability and relevance of CBIS to the broader CSIRO, the proposed top line structure could ultimately result in a net reduction of 8 positions at the CSOF 6 and 7 levels.

Staff Association representatives have also been informed that following the appointment of a new Director and implementation of the new top line structure, further consultation will occur in regard to the configuration of CBIS teams across regions and sites.

Whilst information provided by management to date indicates that no further job losses should occur, it is possible that some job roles will change or be reclassified.

What’s next?

Consultation with Staff Association representatives and CBIS staff on the top line structure is continuing. The Staff Association welcomes feedback from all members, inside or outside CBIS, on any aspects of the proposal.

It is important that any changes that occur in CBIS in coming months improve services for all staff in CSIRO.

Where do I get more information or have my say?

If you require further information or wish to provide feedback, please speak with your Staff Association workplace delegate or organiser or email

Non-members need to join

The Staff Association provides support to all members impacted by changes in CSIRO. If you are aware of non-members that wish to join for advice or assistance, ask them to email or speak to a local organiser or delegate.

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