Membership subscription rates set to increase

The Staff Association membership subscription rate will increase by 0.05 per cent to 0.65 per cent of salary from September this year.

The Staff Association Council has endorsed the change which will coincide with the second pay rise (of 2 per cent) from the CSIRO Enterprise Agreement 2017-2020, following the 3 per cent pay rise last year.

Why the change?

The Association keeps membership subscription rates as low as possible. Our rates are significantly lower than comparable unions, in part because we deliver service and support as a small bespoke union, customised to our members in CSIRO, AAO and NMI.

However, job losses in the last few years have meant that, despite retaining our membership density, the total membership has declined by 20 per cent.

What about making savings instead?

Savings have been the first priority of the Staff Association Council in order to address the annual operating deficit of $350,000 arising from the decline in total membership. Consequently, the Council has implemented expenditure savings of $237,820 in the 2018-19 financial year.

These savings are a combination of staffing reduction savings ($180,352) and operational savings ($57,468), equating to 15% of expenditure from the 2017-18 financial year.

Won’t expenditure savings impact on members?

The savings have been targeted in order for the Association to continue to provide an effective level of support and organising for members into the future. In particular, operational savings have been specifically targeted to travel and Council meeting expenses.

Couldn’t the Association reduce the level support for members?

This option was not endorsed by the Staff Association Council. Feedback from members is clear. The challenges of working in CSIRO are not decreasing and the Association must continue to advance the interests of members and improve conditions and the work environment.

The change to the membership subscription rate enables us to collectively achieve this.

Are these changes sustainable?

The Staff Association will deliver balanced operating budgets in 2018-19 and in future financial years.

These combination of changes provide the framework for the Association to remain strong, influential and responsive to members for many years to come.

What if I have questions or concerns?

Please contact your Staff Association organiser or email us at


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