CSIRO Consultative Council and Staff Association AGM wrap up 2018

Two important meetings were held in December to wrap up a big year for Staff Association members. The Consultative Council meeting between Executive and union representatives followed the Staff Association’s Annual General Meeting at CSIRO’s Waite Campus in Adelaide.

CSIRO Consultative Council is the biannual formal meeting between CSIRO Executive and Staff Association representatives.

Consultative Council

Despite operating within a shorter than usual format, the Staff Association achieved:

  • Improved consultation processes for staff to have a say on CSIRO’s science investment priorities
  • A review into the impact of open plan workplaces on productivity and staff wellbeing
  • A feasibility study into the provision of on-site childcare at Myall Vale, the first study of its kind at a regional CSIRO site
  • A report to the Staff Association on IM&T service levels across CSIRO
  • A workshop in the new year to consider staffing trends in CSIRO, including declining ongoing employment and increasing Corporate staff levels.

“The meeting was productive, but the actions arisings are the most important thing for members to keep an eye on in coming months,” Staff Association Secretary Sam Popovski said.

“Despite improvements in overall morale during 2018, there are some worrying trends heading into 2019. Workloads are exceedingly high for many staff and health and safety is at a critical juncture.”

“Consultative Council and our other mechanisms in keeping the CSIRO Executive, senior management and HR accountable will continue to be a key priority for the Staff Association next year.”

Annual General Meeting

The Staff Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held at CSIRO Waite Campus on Thursday 6 December.

The AGM forms a key part of governance and financial accountability to members and reporting to the Registered Organisations Commission (ROC).

“Thank you to all members who attended the AGM, and those that provided apologies, comments and questions,” Mr Popovski said.

Minutes of the meeting are now available on our website.

“Under new ROC requirements, the Staff Association is also required to provide members with an annual officer and related party disclosure statement, which can also be found on the AGM page of our website,” Mr Popovski said.

More information and documents 


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