A big year ahead for bargaining at CSIRO

The defeat of the CSIRO Executive’s option for a ‘determination’ and early progress in negotiations has set up a big year for bargaining in 2020.

Progress so far

Three negotiation meetings between the representatives of the Staff Association and CSIRO have so far:

  • Established frequent negotiation meetings, the next scheduled for 20 January
  • Commenced a clause-by-clause process for negotiating bargaining issues
  • Confirmed the current Enterprise Agreement (EA) as the foundation for the new agreement
  • Reached agreement in-principle on 11 of 17 clauses in Parts A and B of the EA.

Critical issues to come

The negotiation meeting on 20 January will commence discussions on clauses in Parts C and D of the EA. This will include the critical issues of pay, superannuation, allowances, salary packaging, Annual Performance Agreements and promotions.

Staff Association representatives are negotiating on the basis of issues identified by members in our bargaining issues survey. We will be consulting with members again to affirm our position on all issues.

Be prepared for a big year

Throughout February 2020, the Staff Association will be conducting bargaining meetings at all workplaces around the country. This will be an important opportunity to have your say on the positions we take on issues to progress the new agreement.

Stay tuned for more information on February workplace meetings and other mechanisms for feedback early in the new year.

Thank you

We would not be in this position if it wasn’t for the commitment of members and delegates in the Staff Association to get us to the commencement of bargaining, by defeating the CSIRO Executive’s ‘determination’ option.

To help us continue to get the best outcome from bargaining, please encourage others to join the Staff Association today. Email csstaff@cpsu.org.au or call (03) 8620 6348 to speak to an organiser.

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