Remuneration emerges as key topic in bargaining negotiations

As CSIRO staff return to work following the summer break, formal bargaining negotiations recommence today between Staff Association and CSIRO representatives.

The Staff Association extends its best wishes to all members in the new year, particularly those impacted by the Australian bushfires. We also acknowledge members that have volunteered and supported others in our community. Please contact the Staff Association on if you require assistance on leave entitlements and rights.

Negotiations today

Bargaining negotiations today will focus on discussing clauses of Part C (Remuneration and Allowances) of the Enterprise Agreement. In particular, rates of pay, superannuation, flexible remuneration packaging and travel allowances.

Members request 2.7% per annum

Staff Association members are seeking base pay increases of no less than 2.7% per year, over a three year agreement. This figure is the average pay expectation of members from the Staff Association’s bargaining issues survey.

Staff Association representatives are also requesting that CSIRO Executive and Human Resources come clean on the latest salary competitiveness report (prepared by consulting company Mercer), to reveal how current CSIRO salaries compare to universities and the research sector.

Given the regressive impacts on salaries of the last bargaining process, along with the current restrictions of the ASL cap, CSIRO’s status as an employer of choice is severely threatened. The current bargaining process must address the critical issues of attraction and retention of staff.

Superannuation must be equitable for all

Another key topic in negotiations today will be the Staff Association’s position that all CSIRO staff should receive at least 15.4% employer superannuation contributions, regardless of choice of fund. 

More information and opportunities to come 

Following today’s negotiations, members will receive a full report on the outcomes of the meeting.

In February, all members will have the opportunity to provide input and direction, through workplace meetings and online, on all issues and clauses that have been considered so far in negotiations, as well as in future negotiation meetings.

The resolve of Staff Association members to commit CSIRO Executive to bargaining last year has put us in a strong position to ensure we achieve improvements to the Enterprise Agreement, with no cuts to conditions and no delays in seeking to reach agreement.

Please talk to your workplace delegate, organiser and contact us at with questions and comments.



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