All clauses considered in bargaining

Staff Association and CSIRO Executive representatives continue to achieve swift and substantial progress in enterprise bargaining negotiations.

In just over three months of bargaining discussions, all 85 clauses and 7 schedules of the current Enterprise Agreement (EA) have received formal consideration.

Of the 92 total clauses and schedules, 62 are already agreed in-principle, 27 are still being discussed and 3 are not agreed – being pay, superannuation and market related employment.

To access the full information on the status of each clause, go to our comprehensive analysis document.

Changes to relocations, redundancy and postdocs?

CSIRO management negotiators have indicated they may have proposals to change current EA entitlements in relation to inter-city relocations, voluntary redundancy substitution and postdoctoral fellowships.

The Staff Association’s position on relocations and redundancies is no changes to current entitlements. No details on either proposal have been provided yet by CSIRO management, however both clauses will be discussed at the next negotiation meeting in a fortnight.

In terms of entitlements for postdoctoral fellows, the Staff Association does not agree with CSIRO management on current practices to not allow the possibility of consecutive postdocs at CSIRO or appointment at CSOF Level 5. More discussions on postdocs will occur at the next negotiation meeting.

More information?

Positive discussions on parental leave

The Staff Association is seeking to make improvements to the EA in key areas such as superannuation and parental leave.

CSIRO management indicated in bargaining that they are currently considering the Staff Association’s claims on parental leave. This includes:

  • Equitable leave for birth mothers, adoption, fostering and surrogacy
  • Increase to supporting partner leave from 4 to 6 weeks
  • Superannuation to be paid throughout all parental leave periods – both paid and unpaid
  • Recognition of paid parental leave career breaks for specified term staff
  • Updating of language and structure of the clauses.

Are you getting 15.4% superannuation?

In the current round of enterprise bargaining, the Staff Association is campaigning to ensure that all staff receive 15.4% superannuation, regardless of choice of fund. Currently 8-9% of staff only receive 9.5%. CSIRO is one of only three agencies in the Commonwealth public sector that maintains this inequitable situation.

The Staff Association also aims to change the method of calculating superannuation contributions from Fortnightly Contribution Salary (FCS) to Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE). FCS calculates contributions based on the salary at your last birthday.

The Staff Association is campaigning to change the calculation to OTE, so that your superannuation will be 15.4% of your actual salary every fortnight. For more information on Superannuation download our recent bulletin.

Join the Staff Association

If you’re not yet a member, help support enterprise bargaining at CSIRO by joining the Staff Association. For more information on membership email or speak to an organiser or workplace delegate.

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