Staff Association Council Accountability

council-croppedThe Staff Association Council is an elected body with an Executive and Councillors representing each of the Association’s sub-sections. It serves as the Association’s Committee of Management and has responsibility for governance and financial reporting. The Association reports directly to Fair Work Australia as a registered section of the Community and Public Sector Union. In these processes, Council specifically:

  • Ensures a full independent audit of all the Association’s accounts;
  • Oversees and approves all Association expenses; and
  • Strives to achieve a balanced annual budget, by allocating subscription revenue to the provision of support and services for members.

The Association’s operating and financial reports can be readily accessed here. The operating report outlines the Association’s operational priorities and achievements each year. Councillors always welcome questions and feedback at

Your Staff Association Council

ACT – Janet Anstee (Oceans & Atmosphere, Black Mountain)

  • Janet is the Aquatic Remote Sensing Team Leader based at Black Mountain, ACT and has been in CSIRO for over 20 years. During this time she has represented ACT staff on council for 6 years and organises the annual ACT CSIRO Staff Association international Women’s Day event. She is an advocate for strong unions and collective bargaining.

NSW – Acting – Mike Collins (Energy Flagship, Newcastle)

NT and North QLD – Delia Muller (Land & Water, Townsville)

Southern QLD – Anna Campbell (IMT, Pullenvale)

  • Anna is currently a Project Administration Officer for Energy, and an Administration Officer for Agriculture and Food. Prior to this, she had been a CSIRO Librarian for 21yrs.  Anna is committed to protecting the terms and  conditions of employment as well as the general welfare of CSIRO staff.

SA – Ben Scherer (Food & Nutrition, Adelaide)

TAS – Mark Green (Oceans & Atmosphere, Hobart)

WA –Acting – Steve Charles (Land & Water, Floreat)

VIC – Vacant


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