Federal Election 2019 advice for delegates

This is a short update on our Change The Rules campaign, Federal election period and upcoming delegate elections.

Change The Rules campaign

Thanks to all delegates who have been participating in our workplace activities focussed on recruitment of new members.

The use of our Change The Rules storytelling posters and conversations is going well, including with CSIRO staff that previously had limited understanding about outcomes achieved by the Staff Association and the Australian union movement.

To get more involved, contact your organiser, who will also be able to provide you additional posters we have produced, thanks to six more Staff Association delegates telling their own stories.

Federal Election

CSIRO’s Chief Operating Officer has communicated with all staff about provisions over the caretaker period ahead of the Federal Election on 18 May.

In terms of Staff Association activities during this period, the following applies:

  1. CSIRO staff are able to attend union meetings, discuss union issues with colleagues and receive and read union information, including on noticeboards and by email.
  2. Change The Rules is an official union campaign coordinated by the ACTU, of which the Staff Association is an affiliate member.
  3. Activities such as Change The Rules conversations and meetings in the workplace are permitted.
  4. Materials such as Change The Rules flyers and posters in the workplace are permitted.
  5. Emails on Change The Rules issues from the Staff Association to members, centrally or locally from workplace delegates, are permitted.
  6. However, all materials and emails must be appropriately authorised by the Secretary of the Staff Association.

As long as it’s in your own time, CSIRO staff can attend political activities in the community, including volunteer campaign work for an organisation, including a political party, before and on election day. Staff should not wear official CSIRO clothing or display or distribute CSIRO-branded materials.

If you have questions on this, or receive any discouragement from senior management/HR, please contact your organiser immediately.

Delegate Elections

Staff Association delegate elections are coming up soon! Please get ready to renominate as a delegate from Monday 20 May (date to be confirmed, but it will be very soon after the Federal election).

We will be producing a range of materials and communicating to all members to get involved and consider nominating as a workplace delegate.

As key representatives of Staff Association members in the workplace, our delegates not only play a critical role every day, but will be essential to the growth (as we hope) and strength of the Staff Association after the Federal election and ahead of the 2020 enterprise bargaining campaign.