How you can support CSIRO

As a result of a heavy funding cut from the Federal Government, CSIRO is facing hundreds more job losses, site closures and big cuts to areas of research.

The Staff Association has called on CSIRO workers across Australia to come together and stand up for CSIRO and Australian science and research.

National Days of Protest

The CSIRO Staff Association has chemicalcalled for two days of protest on Tuesday 24 and Thursday 26 June 2014.

  • Regional sites – and Brisbane sites St Lucia and Dutton Park – will lead the day of protest on Tuesday 24 June.
  • Metropolitan sites in capital cities – will follow with larger mass meetings of staff – scheduled for Thursday 26 June.

At each event Staff Association members and CSIRO employees are being asked to wear white lab coats to make a visual statement and grab some attention.

How to find your local event

You can find a list of all regional and metropolitan events here.

Get in touch with your local delegate about what you can do to make your workplace event a success. Every little bit helps.

Four ways to make it a great day

  1. Encourage fellow members and CSIRO colleagues to attend – by having a conversation and asking them to commit to turning up
  2. Promote the event by putting up a poster or by sending an email – talk to your delegate about how to do this
  3. Create some visual impact on the day – wear your white lab coat and make up a sign or a placard to get your message across
  4. Share your experience on the day by taking a photo or making a comment – share it by emailing or via social media using the #supportCSIRO tag.

During or after the event, post a photo or message

CSIRO staff are being asked to post messages and photos from events all over the country using the #supportCSIRO tag. You can also follow the CSIRO Staff Association directly through our social media profiles.

Don’t forget the campaign page – – if you want to post a message, view photos or read media reports from the protest events.

How family and friends can support CSIRO staff online

We’re also asking supporters and the public to stand with CSIRO staff this week by getting active online through sharing content and messages of support on social media. Whether they use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or some other platform, encourage friends and family to use the tag #supportCSIRO when sharing content with friends, followers and connections.

Stay positive and enjoy yourself

The events are designed draw attention to the impact of Government cuts on CSIRO jobs, research and the effect on Australia’s innovation system. It’s not meant to be a platform to launch personal attacks against politicians.

Stay positive. CSIRO has delivered so much great research and innovations for Australia – this is why the community values the organisations so highly. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

Remember, these events are not just about sending a message of protest against the budget cuts. It’s about supporting each other during these tough times.


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